Working Out

Alen Sakinovic

How does exercise benefit your brain?

Exercise does benefit your brain by helping memory & mental exercise in the brain

The effect of Exercise on the Brain

Exercise has to do everything to benefit brain, from treating depression to improving a memory with a power to prevent a problems and releave pain for both mental and physical health.Exercising in the morning is the best benefit for the brain,it spikes brain activity and prepares you for mental stress for the rest of the day.
Exercising is the best way to focus and increase learning a specially for the kids and teenagers,also by exercising you encouraging your brain to work at optimum capacity by causing nerve cells to multiply and protect from damage.Regular exercise improve blood flow to the brain and decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases.Exercise is good for anyone from the little kids to elderly people.
Studies shows that exercise lowers the activity of bone-marphogenetic protein or BMP in which slows production of new noggin ,a brain protein that acts as a BMP antagonist.

The exposure to exercise or to environmental enrichment increases the generation of new neurons in the adults by increasing learning and memory.

Studies shows that physical exercise is a good as antidepressant that changes a level on serotonin in your brain and increases your endorphin levels and your feel good.