Cold Dark Corner By: Blake Duffy

By: Jessica Zeewy


"It speaks to me, and says Im coming for you" -personification

"The corner keeps talking about how I'm going to die" -personification

"As the corner gets closer and takes me in" -personification

Cold means a loss of hope. Dark means evil. Blue means depressed. The rust is red and red means evil and blood.


The man is talking about how he is being haunted by something. He says "all I can do is lie there and cry." This is saying that he is being haunted by something that he did. The demon that is in the corner is his feelings. He is guilty about something and the guilt is eating him up. He can't run away from the demon because it is inside of him. He has to deal with it or find some way to get rid of it.


There are 24 lines in the poem.

There are a few commas.

It is written in free form.


There is something in the corner that is haunting him. He can't run away from it because it is pulling him toward it. The demon is bringing the guy to hell. When he says "my bones shall lie there turning to dust" he is telling saying that he watches his soul leave his body, all he sees is his bones, and he is watching his body turn to ash as he enters hell.

Musical devices

There are no musical devices used in this poem