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Reflective Thoughtful Log Prompt (Optional)

Evidence for 4a of the Danielson Framework

Each of the curriculum maps have essential questions and enduring understandings. How are you using the essential questions to stimulate student thinking and inquiry throughout a unit of study? How do these questions help frame your key learning goals for the unit? What is your understanding of the differences between essential questions and enduring understandings?
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IMPORTANT! Argument Writing Mid-Year On-Demand Scores

Please click on this form to add your numbers for each proficiency level. Additionally, make sure that your digital data walls (DDW in google) are up to date with current MAP and writing scores. Please complete by Friday, February 27th.

Your Feedback is Needed!

We are continually looking to grow and refine our practices. Rachel, Nancy, Gina, and I would like your honest feedback on the benchmark on-demand argument writing assessments. Please click here to get to a google form. The question we'd like you to respond to is on the form. We would like feedback from everyone. It WILL be anonymous. Thanks! Please complete by Monday, February 22nd.

Mid-Year ESAIL Data

Click here to see the results of the mid-year ESAIL. Data, strengths, and next steps for February are in red. Our baseline data from fall is in black.

Looking for Complex Text?

Check out www.activelylearn.com to find a variety of texts! It's free and has great features. If you click on the Independent Reading Library on the left side of the screen, you can filter by grade range, genre, rating, and page count. When you click on a text, you can see what other students have said about the article. If you scroll to the bottom, you can read the article. There is also a way to send text to students by setting up classes and a way for students to log in, but I'm not sure if these features are a part of the free version. Have fun exploring!!

Quotes from the WSRA Convention

"Assessments are only as good as the actions that arise from them." The Sisters

"Feedback given too late is useless." Cris Tovani

"The number one user of feedback should be students." Cris Tovani

"We can’t be our students' editors! If we suggest a better lead or correct punctuation, we lower them to the bottom of the skill scale." Chris Lehman

"Students should be working collaboratively every day! We should not be assessing only when we get to the independent work." Doug Fisher

In Visible Learning, John Hattie found that student self-assessment/self-grading has one of the greatest effects on student achievement.