Summer Destinations

Held at Ben Franklin School, July 2014

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Keeping up with learning over the summer!

We have had a fun and successful Summer Destinations program this July. The parents and teachers all commented on the awesome program. Students were given the opportunity to learn in small group settings, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Reading, Math and Writing were taught during the program. The kids looked forward to coming each day, and they got to make new friends while learning.

We love hearing feedback, so if you have questions or comments about the program, please reach out to Ms. Heller ( or Mr. Turnbull ( We look forward to working with your children again next summer! Enjoy the month of August with some family fun!

Thanks Mr. Chris, student volunteer

A big thank you to Mr. Chris Muzi for all of his help this summer. We wish him the best of luck in college and HOPE to see him in the math room again next summer. The students in grades 1-3 LOVED having Mr. Chris as their helper this summer.

Summer Destinations Teachers: Ms. Schantzer, Ms. Tunnard, Ms. Seipp, Ms. Nissen, Mr. Rude, Ms. DeRiso, Mr. Chris, Ms. Tomsho, Ms. D'Errico, Ms. Keffer, Ms. Glover, Ms. Heller, Ms. Flail, Ms. Schwartz, Ms. Steiner, Ms. VanTreuren and Mr. Turnbull the principal

Math Grades 4-6

These past few weeks your students have become quite the mathematicians!

The Fourth graders started the summer off with creating multiplication charts and working on memorizing our basic facts. After that we reviewed addition and subtraction with regrouping, number forms, and place value.

The Fifth and Sixth graders started off by reviewing multiplication and division. Then we focused on decimals and fractions. Throughout the last few weeks we also utilized and discussed different strategies to solve word problems.

Keep up the good work Mathematicians!

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Reading Grades 4-6

The students have been attending reading class this summer with Ms. Van Treuren and Ms. DErrico. Daily activities include read alouds, SRA cards, and readers' theatre plays. Our primary emphasis was on improving fluency, but we also practiced comprehension skills (especially with regard to higher-order thought processes such as inferencing & drawing conclusions), vocabulary enrichment (using context clues and prior knowledge to determine word meanings), and summarizing/retelling. In addition, we reviewed cause & effect, finding the main idea, and making predictions. The students ended the Summer Destinations program by performing a Reader's Theatre for the students in grades 1-3.
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Writing Grades 4-6

In writing class, Mrs. Flail worked on narratives using the tools of the writer’s craft. This included the use of similes, repeating words, vivid verbs, and onomatopoeia. Mrs. Keffer taught how to pull examples from nonfiction text to add to a short-response writing. Then in small groups, the students wrote a five paragraph persuasive incorporating writer’s craft strategies. As an ending event, the students in grades 4-6 read their own writings to the students in grades 1-3.

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