Art Institute of Austin, TX

Brandon Facundo

What are the requirements?

SAT:All are preferred but are not required to get accepted into the Art Institute.



Does the school have a mascot?

This school doesn't have a mascot, but it has an o logy restaurant.

Some Basic Information About The Town

City Population:885,400

Rural and Urban Population: 99% urban and 1% rural.

Requirements for the Major? Do you have to take a foreign language class?

You have to take some required additional art classes to understand intellectual conversations with other people in the major. No other foreign language is required but you are preferred to take one anyway.

What Career Path are you taking?

I am going to take the Game Art & Design course in the Media Arts branch of the school.

Some interesting things about the school?

The art institute in Austin, TX has a O logy restaurant and a photo gallery of past students and faculty members.

Freshman Population? Cost for Housing per semester?

No info on the population of freshman. It costs 2,830 to maintain living in the dormitories every quarter.