Drinking Age

By Cameron Onstot

Lowering The Drinking Age Could Have Serious Consequences

"But what about..?"

  • You are legally considered an adult
  • You can legally purchase things like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
  • You can serve your country

What People do not take into consideration

  • How irresponsible the majority of 18 year olds are
  • The number of alcohol related car wrecks would increase significantly
  • The violent crime rate would increase
  • More people would develop an dependence on alcohol
  • Younger people would have easier access to alcohol (more kids know someone who is 18 rather than 21)
  • More binge drinking would take place
  • 39.1% of college students claim to binge drink at least once a month, this number would almost double if people between the ages of 18 and 20 could buy alcohol
  • There are already an estimated 3 million drunk drivers on the road each year, who are between the ages of 20 and 25


Green- informative and statistical

Blue- the emotional aspect of people dying or getting injured due to alcohol related car accidents