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August Review

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This is the very first issue of The FFC Flyer! This will be a monthly circulation that recaps the previous month's events! It will be made by your very own yearbook staff.

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Welcome Back!

By James Baggett and Adrian Tabarez

This is a new beginning for the freshman class as they start their high school careers. It is also a new beginning for the Freshman Center, as we will be moving into our new building in the Spring! The year has started smoothly, and everyone has been settling into their classes.

Our Future Nest!

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Career Preparedness

By James Baggett and Adrian Tabarez

There is a new class requirement for all ninth grade students called career prep. This class is taken in place of the old FMP that we had last year. Career prep is taught by our very own Mr. Sheppard! He does a great job of making it fun, engaging, and enjoyable. He provides challenges through questions and quizzes that check our understanding. This class helps us become more equipped for future job opportunities. It also helps us prepare for the real world. Way to go Mr. Sheppard!

Check out one of the lessons!

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Diversity at Work


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What does that say???


By: Connor Rye

On August 22, our Falcons took on Hoover during the Jamboree game. Both teams showed utmost effort which resulted in a great game. Hoover tried to portray what they thought was a witty slogan, saying, "Hoover is not responsable for ruffled feathers." However, they spelled "responsible" wrong! In the end, Hoover won 27 to 6.

FFC Baby Falcons

By: Morgan Langham and Ja'Lakin Ingran

Here are the new teacher additions to the FFC :)

Mrs. Henry

Mrs. Henry is the newest addition to our media center. She was born in Columbus, Georgia, and went to Smith Stanton High School where she graduated in 1986. She then graduated from Auburn University in 1991, War Eagle! Mrs. Henry has been an educator for 23 years. Her goal is to help students become lifelong learners. She is married and has three boys that attend Florence City Schools. Mrs. Henry has two dogs, and she likes to read and exercise in her spare time.

Ms. Marris

Ms. Marris is the newest edition to the English department and is also the yearbook sponsor. She was born in Anchorage, Alaska and went to Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama. She graduated from UNA in 2013. This is her first year teaching. She wants to help students be succcessful in everything that they do. She has a German Shepherd and enjoys cooking and hiking in her spare time.

Sneak Peak of September

By: Ambria Skibbe and Austyn Irons

Here is a look at events in September! Please let us know if we left anything out!

Freshman football vs. Bob Jones Sept. 16- Away

Freshman football vs. Decatur Sept. 23 - Home

Freshman football vs. Richland ,Tenn. Sept. 30 - home

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. James Clemens Sept. 12

Varsity/Jv Volleyball - Brooks Tournament Sept. 14

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. Lexington & Loretto Sept. 16

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. Decatur Sept. 17

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. Colbert Heights & Mars Hill Sept. 19

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. Lexington & Rogers Sept. 23

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. James Clemens Sept. 24

Varsity/Jv Volleyball vs. Decatur Sept. 26

Florence city schools Honor Choir Sept. 23-24

- School pictures Sept. 16th

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By: Ambria Skibbe and Austyn Irons

"Hey FFC! It's Ambria and Ashlee here! We do this part of the newsletter to answer any questions that you may have, whether it's relationship advice, personal stuff, or just stuff about school or any other problems you are going through. Everything will be anonymous, so don't be shy. Be sure to drop your questions off at room 201, or email them to us at!"

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The Falcon Shout is a place for you to leave notes and shoutouts to your friends! Come by room 201 with a 50 cent donation to have your Falcon Shout published here- teachers and students both!

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