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Ghana's Most Prestigious Newspaper 5/21/30

Todays Economy

Ghana Surpasses United States for Highest GDP

Ghana has surpassed the United States in having a higher GDP. From 2013 to today, in the year 2030, the price of gold has finally reached its highest costs in years. The rising cost of gold has helped Ghana achieve this huge accomplishment. With cell phone companies continuing to make more and more advanced smart phones, more of Ghana's purest gold is being sold to companies to build the parts needed to make the smart phones run. But the relativity of gold has not just come to a halt. Gold is needed to make many other kinds of products work, such as television parts, advanced technology, and and cell phones. Also, with the increase of population from year to year, the demand of these items will only continue to grow and grow.

Social Issues

Ghana's Murder Rate Begins to Skyrocket

Ghana has experienced a large change in crime rate, murder, unfortunately, being the number one source of crime to change for the worst in the past fifty years. What could possibly cause something like this to happen though some may ask, well the answer is painfully easy, for the wealth from gold mining. Gold mining, as you may have read in the previous article, has bumped Ghana's GDP past the United States and has made making a revenue through foreign trade so much easier. With that said, the Chinese immigrants within Ghana have been causing a lot of trouble. These immigrants believe that whatever they can take simply belongs to them, but the way the Chinese take take the gold is brutally inhumane. They simply run into mining camps, which don't belong to them and simply kill anyone in their way and take everything they can find, and this is what has caused the murder rate to jump so much in the last fifty years. Not only has murders been the only thing to boost crime rate, but also the illegal operations of mining done by the Chinese that is explained in the video below. But will there ever be a solution to this horrific problem?
Illegal Chinese Gold Mining in Ghana
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Crime Continues to Grow

Crime has grown exponentially in the last fifty years in Ghana. Murders taking the number one spot.


Ghana Joins the United Nations as One of the World's "Major Powers"