Judy Blume- Shelia the Great

By: Judy Blume / A Book Reprt By: Beth Ellsworth


Shelia Tubman is having trouble finding who she really is. She likes to call herself Shelia the great. But sometimes, she's not so great. With a fear of spiders, the dark, swimming, and most of all dogs, she is having trouble finding her title. She has to face every one of those fears when she goes on a vacation for the entire summer. She faces spiders by, when she is in her room, there is a spider crawling up the wall.She has to face swimming when her mom signs her up for lessons and ends up learning how to swim. She has to face the dark when she goes on a hayride at 9:00 in the afternoon and she gets scared. She has to face dogs in the beginning of the book when she moves into the summer house, there is a dog named Jennifer and she barks at Shelia. Jennifer ends up having puppies and Shelia gets one.


This is important in the book because in my opinion, this is Shelia's greatest fear. She has to face Jennifer (a dog) when she goes on her summer trip but Jennifer ends up having puppies, and Shelia gets to have one and she learns to like dogs.


This is a big part of the book because in her camp, she creates the camp newspaper and it ends up being harder than she thought.She gives out a prize for the crossword for whoever can turn it in finished first. After a bit of handing out the newspaper, two boys come up with the finished crossword puzzle, and she doesn't have a prize, so she gives them the business of the newspaper and no more newspaper writing for Shelia!


I chose summer because in this book is in nearly ALWAYS summer! Except in the beginning, when she first finds out about her summer trip. But the book never takes place in the winter or fall.


I picked yo-yos because whenever I see one while reading this book, I think of Shelia's best friend, Mouse. She is the yo-yo champion of town.