FInal Proyect

Sanchez Molina Daniel Eduardo & Lezama Uriarte Arturo Irvin


¿where started? I know the fisrt day of this school year.

How I'm really serius or inscure, I don't speak with anybody that day, but I see how was the personality of all.

After of the fist week I strarted to joined with Ariana, Luis, Fany and Juanito, but before of three weeks they bored me.

Then I started to speak with Arturo because he has a nintendo 3ds so that interesting me, but we don't started to speak god before to the third semester.

So I was alone for all semester, I mean, I only speak with someone, but I don't form a friendly realtion.

It was like at the end of the semester to I joined with Benjamin, Miguel and España

After of the holydays the fourth semester began and I started to join with Arturo a little more and that's all and we "adventures" i gonna count in another moement.


In this school year I repeat the tirth and fourth semester and hoe a good cchero I sold breaded with the pass of the days I will be has a some new friends Michael, España, Benjamín, Brayan and basaldua.

After I met the love of my life Joaquín and jeannette and now i'm together with them.

I pass to the fourth semester and Eduardo