Team Radiant Joy Newsletter

Celebrating your Success

Dreaming Big for Fall 2014

To Dream Big is a matter of choice. To reach that dream is a matter of discipline!

Team Stats

Team Sales: $11,458

Team Parties: 22

New Team Members: 2

Total G0 Consultants: 24

We are a party plan business. You are not making money if you are not partying! :)

Rene's Stats


Parties: 6

Recruits: 2

Paycheck at consultant level: $597

Paycheck at Sr. Director Level: $1393

Why become a Director?

1. A pay raise! Commission goes from 25% to 28%.
2. More money in overrides
3. Potential $1000 bonus
4. Walk across the stage at National Conference
5. Receive Home office leads
6. Leadership Retreats
7. Director and above incentive trip with Cindy!
8. Help other women achieve their dreams!
If you are interested in taking your business to the next level please call or email me to set up a personal call with me!

Team Resources-
Personal Coaching Calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, your sales and adding recruits to your team. Coaching Calls are held by appointment only. Please email me to confirm a good time for you.

Team Facebook Page - "Team RadiantJoy" Many of you are not on this page and you are missing out! This Facebook Group is for my entire success line. This means I'm your upline Director or Senior Director. (Radiant Joy Directors can add their teams.)

Startswell Earners!

Level One Earners...

Amanda DeSmith

Cassie Hestikin are off to a marvelous start!

Welcome to the Team!!

We have had many new consultants added over the summer. Please give a warm welcome to...

Karie Johannes

Desirae Schrieber

Savanna Vue

Amanda DeSmith

Cassie Hestikin

New TOT Website

Have you checked out your new TOT/Virtual Office yet? So many great changes but there will be a bit of a learning curve to find all the new and old features. Take some time for the tutorial for the help in learning!


Congratulations to these Top in Sales:

Kay Jacobsen $2053

Michelle Padden $1486

Amanda DeSmith $1200

Laura Harnisch $1021

Cassie Hestikin $650

And way to go to the following for working their business in August

Trina Hickman, Angel Halverson, Chrissie Solt, Missy McCoy, Amy Blado, Angela Richards, Jill Dangers, Wanda Hansen, Laura McKenzie, Lynn Wilson, Nicole Albrecht, Shannon Rivers, Allison Nuttleman.

Additional Recognition...

Top Party Girls:

Kay 5

Michelle 3

Laura 3

$1000 Parties:

Congratulations to Amanda DeSmith who's first party was $1200!! She qualified, earned Startswell and Ready Set Sell all in one party!! Way to Go Amanda!!!

NEW Recognition Program to Start!!

I'm so excited to reward your efforts with our new CHARMing Incentive!! Earning for Charms started September 1st and will be first awarded after commissions post next month. How do you earn...check out below for more information!!

It’s simply CHARMing


Charm of the Month Club

Build your business - Build your bracelet. September Introductory Incentive

Qualified Already? (Sold your first $1000)

~Enter 2 Parties in September or have $600PV

Not Qualified yet?? (Your first $1000)

~Simply get qualified in September

**Meet those introductory requirements: Choose a bracelet or a necklace AND get the key charm

This is just the introductory month!
Stay tuned each month for your chance to earn more charms as a reward for your accomplishments!

I’m so excited to offer this new incentive to you!

Here's to a great Fall Season

We have such great opportunity in this fall season! I know many of you started because you needed extra income! What an awesome season to earn it in...if you need help to plan your season, ideas to make it a success...please check out the great training on TOT or call me.

I am here to help if you need it!

God Bless you all!