PLAN - Extreme Makeover

The design cycle plan for the G8 unit EXTREME MAKEOVER

My Detailed Plan

Provide a detailed plan with an emphasis on time and resources.

Monday 6th (design and plan)
  • I will use SMORE and complete the design section (total time 60 minutes).
  • I will insert all my designs, explain them and evaluate them (30 min)
  • I will create my final design and justify (30 min)
  • The resources I will use will be, camera, pencil, paper and a word-processor.
  • For homework I will spend 1hr preparing a detailed PLAN and for this I will need the internet, a diary, a computer and

Tuesday 7th (investigation)
  • For homework I will research on the internet for examples of DT workshops around the world and focus on layout (30 min) and focus on the contents (30min)(tools, tables, machines, benches, etc.) and this will help guide my own creation.

Wednesday 8th
  • 30 minutes - I will create the building (floor plan and walls) using sketch up.
  • 15 minutes - I will measure carefully the existing building both inside and out.
  • 15 minutes - I will get feedback from teacher and friends about my building dimensions on my sketch-up model
  • 30 minutes - I will insert door ways and walls
  • resources - sketchup, computer and tools for measuring the building and peers for feedback.

Thursday 9th (create)

Friday 10th (create)

Saturday 11th (create)

Sunday 12th (create)

Monday 13th (create)

Tuesday 14th (create)

Wednesday 15th (evaluate)

Thursday 16th (evaluate)

Friday 17th (evaluate and submit design cycle report)

Reflection of my Plan

Once the product has been created and evaluated, take some time to revisit the plan and reflect on the effectiveness of your plan and your time-management. (write a paragraph)


The student produces a plan that contains a number of detailed, logical steps that describe the use of resources and time. The student critically evaluates the plan and justifies any modifications to the design.