Community Three

December 4, 2015

Check Us Out!

Community 3 has a busy week ahead...

Coming Next Week...

  • Geometry: sort shapes based on their characteristics.

Reading, Writing, and Grammar will be woven into our project:

Native Americans/How Do We Learn About History?

  • Writing Folktales (narrative writing)

What We're Doing....

The Project

In our project our students have been researching prehistoric Native American cultures. They have been working in groups and independently on gathering and organizing information in their project journals. With this information, each class is an "expert" on a specific era (Paleo Indian, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian). We have researched and created posters to put on an "informational board" in the hallway. Using the information provided by our "expert" learners, the other classes in Community Three have taken a gallery walk among the informational boards to learn about the different Native American cultures. Learners have begun to research their historic Indian cultures (Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw).


This week many of the classes have finished perimeter and started area. We have used many different methods to teach these skills. Students have learned that to determine the area, we must cover a given space or shape with square units. Students will also relate this concept to multiplication and arrays and be able to apply the formula of length X width to determine the area of a rectangle.


We have been focusing on recounting or summarizing stories. We have also been learning about the characteristics of various types of folktales including legends, myths, and fables.


We have been writing in our project journals about the various types of prehistoric and historic Indian cultures. The students have also been writing summaries about the different types of fables.


The students are working on various language skills to improve their writing.

Learners Sharing Learning!

Ask Me About...

Have you ever asked your child what he or she did in school that day, only to hear them say: "Nothing," or "I don't know"? The questions below might help your child start a conversation about what he or she is currently learning in school.

  • How do we find the area of a certain shape or space?

  • What is the difference between area and perimeter?

  • Tell me about some of the things you have learned about the Native Americans of Alabama while doing your research.

  • Tell me about (or summarize) some of the folktales you have read at school. (Think about characters, problem and solution.)

  • What was the "moral of the story" in this folktale? What was the reader or listener supposed to learn?

Field Trip to the Archives Update

Please remember that Wednesday, December 9th is our field trip to the Archives Museum! Be sure to have your child at school on time this day, as two groups will start loading the bus at 8:15. All students attending this trip must have their permission form turned in by Tuesday. Learners should wear their red Pike Road Patriot t-shirts if possible. Each lead learner will notify the parents of their class if they have been chosen (using a lottery style drawing) to be a chaperone on this trip! We thank everyone who volunteered!

Coming Soon!

Mark Your Calendars!

Please mark your calendar for December 16, 2015. From 6:00-7:00 pm Community Three learners have decided to create a museum to showcase what we have learned about the prehistoric and historic Native American cultures.

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