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Coding, Robotics, STEM, MakerEd

Register Now for Camp TechTerra Summer Sessions -- They're Filling Up Fast!!

It's time to register for Camp TechTerra sessions for summer 2016. Two of our five weeks are already sold out!!

Choose from one or more of our themed weeks:

Star Wars, Force and Motion
Make Droids and Star Wars themed stop motion animation short clips. “The Force” at work with forces of nature science!

Ages 5 to 14 -- 6/13/16-6/17/16 -- 9:00am-3:00pm -- EK Powe Elementary


Farm to Table with Tech
Explore creatures in the garden with hands-on tech exploring, enjoy chemistry in action!

Ages 5 to 14 -- 6/20/16-6/24/16 -- 9:00am-3:00pm -- EK Powe Elementary


Mini Beasts, Imagine That!
Hands-on designing, building and computer programming with bugs and other beasts!

Ages 5 to 14 -- 7/5/16-7/8/16 -- 8:30am-3:30pm -- Pinewoods Montessori


Carnival STEM, Physics Fun - SOLD OUT
Design and construct carnival rides, create unique robots, have a blast learning physics!

Ages 5 to 14 -- 7/11/16-7/15/16 -- 9:00am-3:00pm -- Pinewoods Montessori

Robots are Everywhere - SOLD OUT
Work with and construct a dozen unique robots and program your own micro-controller!

Ages 6 to 9 -- 7/18/16-7/22/16 -- 8:30am-3:30pm -- Duke School

About Camp TechTerra

Camp TechTerra offers programs for students ages 5 to 14 that help them explore the natural world in makerspace communities through coding, digital storytelling, robotics, making and digital devices. Sharing, connecting and collaborating are integral to these authentic meaning-finding experiences. Students are taught the process of computational thinking within an environment that honors safety, choice, exploration and fun.

The TechTerra curriculum, inspired by Maker Education and Project Based Learning, was developed by Susan Wells, a national leader in mobile-integrated STEM education and veteran public school educator.

Camp TechTerra offers opportunities for campers to:

  • Learn to Code, using web-based and app-based programs including Lightbot, Tynker, Scratch, Cargobot, and Hopscotch
  • Program robotics, learning to simulate, estimate and model
  • Learn to take photographs and videos, using iPads and tablets, and create iMovies
  • Produce original creations with 3D Printing
  • Research gardens and campus space through hands-on exploring outdoors
  • Explore students' world through inquiry-based science, including physics, ecology, microbiology, and chemistry
  • Discover and use augmented reality apps
  • Work in the Make it-Take it Station, designing and creating
  • Imagine, create and explore in the Art Station

Register Now

To register for one or more Camp TechTerra sessions, use the downloadable form for the session(s) you are interested in, at or register online at the Eventbrite links above.
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