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Definiton of Amendment

Amendment-Official change, Correction, Or addition to a law or Constitution

Why Are The Amendments Important To The Constitution?

Amendments are important to keep the constitution relevant to the current times. When they wrote the original Constitution over 200 years ago, they could not possibly foresee how society would change. Amendments provide the mechanism to occasionally update the Constitution where necessary.The Amendments to the United States Constitution are also important because they spell out and extend rights to the people which cannot be violated. They comprise the law by which the nation is governed.

How Many Amendments Are there?

When Are The Constitutional Amendments Necessary?

Thomas Jefferson wrote that every generation has “a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its own happiness.” Most of the time new laws or policies are sufficient to meet changing priorities, but when that’s not the case, there’s talk about amending the United States Constitution. Recent proposals include a balanced budget amendment and another that would define marriage. In the 224 years of its existence, we have amended the Constitution 27 times, which may be evidence that the framers established a high threshold for change.