The Brave knight

By Jess w

The invation of the Grexalons again

3 years ago in the great valley of doom a brave adventurous boy named Alex was sittting on the balcony with his father telling their secrets and stories. Minutes later a big vibration was felt by the 2 people sitting on the balcony, the father said that it must be the Grexalons! Why Alex's father knew becuse he once fought with it.

The Dangers of Grexalons

There are two types if Grexalons Alex's father whispered the male and female. But the most dangerous one is the female it breathes out fire while the male freezes you with fear. The people in the valley use to say once you are frozen you are always frozen ,because of the females saliva that comes with the fire the males ice will have an extra layer that makes it not able to meltbut only if you find the Grexalons king you might see a change after that.

Weakness Of THe Grexalon

Grexalons hate music said the father but with the power of the sun they are energetic. Grexalons are sun powered so at night they are useless calm and defenceless. They can only last their energy for a few moments when there is no light.

The Attaking Moment

"The point are made clear now lets attack"yelled the comander of the group. All the Knight were riped apart like chickens in the Grexalons hands,while blood sprouted out from the poor knights body

The Next Morning

The next morning when Alex woke up nothing happened every thing was fine all normal like usual,he knew that the Grexalon only existed in his dream.
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