Poems of Life

By: Ryan Gallagher


In the year two-thousand, the beginning of the twenty-first century, the start of the second millennium, and on September fourteenth of that year, the day Ryan Gallagher was born. He has lived a simple life so far with his parents divorced and home school for the early parts of his life. Once into the first half of 5th grade he was put back into the public school system. This is when he started writing poetry for a school project. He then continued writing for school until this day.

From Home

I am from shoes,

from Vans and Nike.

I am from the drama.

(Hectic, Manic, Cold).

I am from the rosebush,

The crate myrtles white in the spring time.

I am from the pride and humor.

From the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.

With a desert and devoid of all inhabitants

I’m from Arlington Texas,

Steamed broccoli and peas.

From the time my uncle flipped an ATV,

To the time my father did doughnuts in his school parking lot.

Destin Florida in the summer

Sand dunes rolling by,

Professional as can be

I hate hairspray from the time.

I am from the good and the bad.

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Brotherly Love

I woke up to the cold, the squeals, the darkness.

As sluggish as a sloth, sitting there alone in the blackness.

Through the sun washing over my back bringing pain,

To the heartless voice continuingly screaming into my ear.

My feet hit the ground with a thud landing on the carpet membrane,

Oh the solitary, carpet always to be trampled on.

Downstairs to the radiant light of dawn,

Burning my eyes out till there is nothing left to see.

Then comes the roaring,

The sun blowing onto my face,

Through cold winter days.

The thought of a better time,

Free from fighting and crying.

Through smiles he shows,

And punches of love.

From hot coffee,

To the eggs he makes.

He may not show it.

But I know he means it.

He is my brother.

He is my guardian.

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Emotions Rage

Since the day we met my life changed,

You make me happy, every day we spend

My emotions rearranged

I really don’t want this to come to an end

I spend most of my days thinking about you

And the love and happiness you have brought to me.

Our love is so strong it has become true,

When I am I your company I feel free.

The second I saw you it felt so right

When I’m around you I turn red.

My heart skips a beat when you’re in sight,

I listen to every word said.

You said to me we would be forever.

Now let’s live life together with our endeavors.

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School is Stress

Walking into school is like entering the Garden of Eden,

Full of life and rambunctious.

In class we are told a million times

“Make sure you get your work done”

Class takes forever

Most of my teachers have been here since the Stone Age

You most likely get stuck with Einstein

Walking through the halls

Little Romeo and Juliet everywhere you look

Finally lunch,

It is like a jungle

A complete free for all

Finally my Achilles heel of the day


Take the last little bit out of me

By the end of the day I’m ready for it to end

Tons of homework to finish by tomorrow

It’s a routine I don’t want to give up

I’m ready for all of it again


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A Trip

Dawn’s arms shake us awake.

First light escorts our eyes open,

A minute or two we bask,

Before we rise to the tasks.

Lively we go, all duty.

Not missing the melody,

Of plans laid out well in war,

When the drums did warn.

Many signs posted,,

In aches of flesh past groaning.

Clocks moved too fast to keep up,

We detected the call of Sun.

Finally armed and fueled.

We revved the engine,

Taking routes always farther,

Away from the walled principal.

Warmer befits our flesh and heart!

As we steer like movie stars,

Heads held high to catch the sun’s drops,

Eyes shaded in blissful lost.

Soon we are soaring through air!

Passing wheat corn and the likes.

Bucolic scenes blaze colors,

How beautifully they unite.

Tempo slows as deep blue nears.

Silent, the wait comes to bear.

Descent is smooth, toes sink in,

Digging in rocks so smooth,

It is here we recover.

Here, we let go of the war...

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Death of a Mother

Our mother is dying due to our own actions. One sip from a plastic bottle is one more piece of life sucked out. One more sip and she is on the brink of death. One more sip and she will be gone from us forever. If she dies then we will struggle to survive. One more sip and then nothing…

Our mother is dying,

Due to our own actions.



From a plastic bottle,

Is one more piece of life,

Sucked… out…




More sip.

And she is on,

The brink of… Death.

One more sip.

And she will be gone from us,


If she dies; then we will struggle to survive.




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I found inspiration in my day to day life, mostly because with the ones I love. From school taking over most of my life I find comfort in coming home after each day to just see my family in which I can see how proud they are of me. I believe my favorite poem I written would be "Death of a Mother." I say this because it really struck true to my heart on how I feel towards our current environmental situations. I would hope that this poem bring some light into how our actions destroy the planet around us.