Here is what's happening this month with DoTerra. . . .

Where has the time gone!! Summer is over and school is in session.

September is a big month for DoTerra. Convention is next week! There will be a lot of exciting things happening. The best part is, new products will be announced! The most I know is that there will be at least 6 new oils. Any guesses? I can't wait!

Remember to qualify for the free Immortelle you must place an order of at least 200 PV. It has to be ONE order of 200. Multiple orders that equal 200 do not count, it must be one. If you place a Loyalty Rewards order of 200 PV before September 15, you'll receive Clove AND Immortelle free.

I have some sad news . . .

Due to strict FDA regulations our favorite website Everything Essential will not be returning. Along with numerous other online resources. I know most of us loved to go on the internet and look for suggestions and how to use the oils. Since this will no longer be available I cannot stress the importance of getting a good book. These 2 are my favorites! is offering FREE shipping!

Now is the perfect time to get one of these books. Especially Modern Essentials. Aromatools will be offering free shipping September 1-19, in honor of convention next week.

I'd keep your eyes open to see if My Oil Business matches their offer. They seem to stay on top of what the other company is doing.

Please, get yourself a good book. Either one will be amazing! It really will help you with any questions you have.

DIY: Mouthwash Recipe Made with Essential Oils for a Fresh, Clean Mouth

Not all mouthwashes are created equal, and some use more questionable ingredients than others. One way to freshen your mouth without the worry is to create your own mouthwash using essential oils.

You can easily make your own mouthwash that is free of chemicals, perfumes, preservatives, artificial colors, and more with two simple ingredients—water and essential oils—which can be just as beneficial (if not more) than chemicals used in traditional mouthwashes.

Try this simple and cost effective mouthwash recipe for a clean, refreshed, and healthy mouth.


10 drops of essential oil(s)

2 cups distilled water

16-ounce dark glass bottle


1. Add water and essential oils into glass bottle. You’re done!

2. To use, shake first and take a small sip of mouthwash. Swish around your mouth and gargle for 30 seconds. Do not swallow.

There are many essential oils you could use in your mouthwash. Below are a few suggested oils you could use, by themselves, or by combining two or more to make a blend. Be careful when using Cinnamon essential oil as it can be irritating if too much is used. Start with 1 drop and gradually increase if desired. Also, did you know you can use dōTERRA’s On Guard® Natural Whitening Toothpaste can be used as a mouthwash as well? After you’re done brushing just put a little bit of water in your mouth, gargle, and spit.

Other suggested essential oils:




On Guard

Wild Orange



Lindsey Knuteson

I am always here to help! I want you to get the most out of your essential oils, and to feel comfortable and confident using them in your home. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to email or call me.
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