P Rizzle's Health Class

what we have learned

The Yellow Wall-Paper

In the Yellow Wall-Paper Unit, we studied and researched mental health disorders. Mental health disorders can affect you in more ways than you think. An example of a mental health disorder is post partum disorder. This disorder has many stereotypes which include the one that states that, "people with postpartum depression will have a career fail". Some symptoms are feeling worthless or guilty, thoughts of death or suicide, agitation, and anxiety. This is a key concept we focused on this unit which informed me in different aspects and introduced me to common mental health disorders women faced.
"We All Have Problems" - Mental Health Awareness Ad

The Evolution of Mom Dancing

In the Evolution of Mom Dancing Unit we learned about the different nutrients needed in a healthy diet in order to maintain a stable lifestyle. An example would be Carbohydrates which are a source of quick energy and energy storage, which provides energy for our brain to work. This source of energy also provides your ammunition for fighting diseases like diabetes and obesity. It also benefits the body by helping control the weight, which is a main problem in the U.S. Another important nutrient is minerals. Minerals help you grow, stay healthy, and develop the way you should. The body uses minerals to perform many different functions like building strong bones or transmitting nerve impulses. In this Unit, we also learned the importance of staying active and exercising on a regular basis.
Carbohydrate's Yours Song
In the ABC S.T.A.Y Program Unit we learned about the effects and consequences of drug intoxication. We were involved in an activity which let us understand and witness the perspective of a person behind the wheel while being intoxicated. We learned about the various forms in which intoxicated people are tested and were involved in the testing while using fatal vision goggles. In the oral presentation given by the officer we learned about the different drugs and their impact in the environment they surround. We also learned that alcohol is a drug and is accepted by society unlike marijuana and other similar drugs. These addictions can be treated in facilities which specialize in treatment of drugs and provide other options of a healthy lifestyle.
They Lied! Drug Prevention Video
In the ASPIRE Unit we learned about the impact of domestic violence in teen relationships. We analyzed the information on a Prezi and compared a healthy relationship and a relationship suffering from domestic violence. In this unit we also learned the symptoms of future domestic violence which include, constant aggression, obsession, constant supervision, and verbal insults. We were also given a video that contained the stories of victims who experienced domestic violence in a relationship, and the tragic results.
Sam & Alice - teenage relationship abuse advert (full version)

How does it all connect to each other?

All of the areas of health connect to each other. Mental health disorders (Mental & Emotional Health) can make you eat less which would affect your nutrition and development (Nutrition & Physical Activity ). You would become distant and isolate yourself from others because you think your weird or different (Interpersonal Comm. & Relationships). A disorder that you have may even lead you to do drugs or drink alcohol (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs).

Claudia Sorto and Yuridia Duarte