MDE Expectations Revision Update

C3 Alignment Project

MDE Rollout Sessions Delayed

MDE delayed the rollout sessions of the new content expectations until next school year and have been transparent as to why.

Admittedly an External Review Committee was not included in the process and the public review plan needed improvement. As a result, an External Review Committee has been assembled and is scheduled to complete their work during the month of June 2015.

Timing of Work

June 2015

External Review Committee completes work

Leadership Committee reviews External Review comments

August/September 2015

Public Review of revised expectations*

*August is obviously not the best time for the public review, and the Leadership Committee considered taking advantage of the delay to schedule the public review during the school year; however, this may not happen because time is needed in September to prepare documents for the October State Board of Education meeting.

October 2015

State Board of Education Approval (tentative)

How to Prepare

If your district is curently attempting to meet the standards for grades 6 and 7 with courses titled Eastern and Western Hemisphere, eliminating those courses is highly recommended. Instead, begin implementing World Geography for 6th grade and World History Eras 1-4 for 7th grade. The Michigan Citizenship Collabortive Curriculum (MC3) is structured in that manner and will provide the framework needed to make the transition.

All other grades will have to wait and use the State Board-approved documents to make minor changes to curriculum, instruction, and assessments. In the meantime, the only thing to do is continue teaching the current curriculum, implementing the formative assessment process, and improving summative assessments.