Pride and Prejudice


Rewriting Darcys proposal

Darcy- Im sorry, are you ok?

Lizzy- im doing ok, would you like to sit?

Darcy-I cant, I need to be standing for this. I have to tell you how much I care and love you. Even if it is against the will of my family, my friends, and even my own better judgment. The situation between our families makes it where it would be stupid for me to marry you. I agree with that as well, but it cant be helped. For me it was love at first sight and no matter how much I fought against it, I fell for you. So, against everything I stand for, I stand here to ask you to marry me.

Lizzy- I should probably feel overwhelmed with emotion for that, but the truth is im not. Ive never wanted you or your good opinion and it is not wanted. I don’t like causing pain, sorry about that. Hopefully it wont last long.

Darcy- so, no? Why and why be so rude about it?

Lizzy- Why did you decided to insult me and tell me that liking me went against everything about you? You can be rude, but I cant? I have every reason in the world to hate you. Why would I consider a man who tore apart my sisters relationship? Don’t deny it!

Darcy- Its true, I did. I did everything in my power to separate them. Im glad too, its better that way. Unfortunately I cant be so lucky.

Lizzy- That’s not the only reason I hate you. That started along time ago, when I heard about how you treated Mr. Wickham. What do you have to say about that?

Darcy- Why do you care?

Lizzy- He hates you, I can relate.

Darcy-Oh yes, his reasons for hating me are so great.

Lizzy- You’re the reason he’s poor, how can you joke about that?

Darcy- If that’s the way you feel about me, then I see how you get all my faults. But your pride caused you to hate me before you even knew me. I relate to how I felt at the time, I hate disguising my feelings. Do you expect me to be happy you are inferior?

Lizzy- I would have felt bad if you had asked me in a nicer way. But you asked in a way that did not tempt me in any sort of way to say yes. From the very beginning you’ve been an arrogant self-centered man who doesn’t care about the feelings of others.

Darcy- That’s enough, I understand your feelings. I am ashamed of my actions and I am sorry for taking up so much of your time.

P&P Review

Nathan Lowery

English IV 6th hr-

Mrs. Dearmen

13 November 2013

Pride and Prejudice analysis

Upon reading the novel Pride and Prejudice, many things are to be reviewed and judged in this paper. The foolish acts of the woman, the insolent acts of Mr. Bennett, and the overall story line is quite flabbergasting and repulsive. This book could have been written by a two year old. I feel if it was though, it would have been more interesting.

The actions taken by each character are beyond reason and quite disagreeable. The women in this novel are idiots. The mother has absolutely no common since or any motherly since either. Lizzy is a smart lady, but in her own way she’s as dumb as the rest. She sees not past the looks of others or able to decipher between there lies and truths. Jane is the “see good in everyone” type of person, her major downfall and stupidity. Kitty and Lydia are the two complete morons. I felt like hitting them with a brick and feeding them to the pig. The men are bad too. Mr. Bennett is a terrible father and does not give a rip. Mr. Collins is a simpleton and high and mighty on at that. Mr. Darcy is blind to all those below him. So on and so on…. They’re all a bunch of morons.

The story line is weak and predictable at best. The only thing that I didn’t predict was that Lydia was found at all. If I were to rate this book from 1-10, 1 being worst and 10 being best, id give it a 3. This is not a book I would suggest reading to anyone.