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What is a ninja

A Ninja or shinobi was a mercenary in feudal japan. The jobs of a ninja consisted sabotage infiltration assassination and guerrilla warfare. Their methods of warfare were deemed dishonorable to the samurai caste who had stricked rules on honor and combat.

what where some Ninja tools

Ninjas had a large variety of tools and weapons most tools were used for infiltration of castles. an example is a mizu gumo which translates to water spider so this tool is basically made it so you could walk on water they mainly were used to cross moats which is the best defense for attacks so they where a great asset for surprise attacks.This tool is made of four curved planks of either wood or inflatable animal hide that were put together with string with a fith plank in the middle which is were your foot was placed. One more was tsuketake which was a body warmer even though were expert fighters and super at stealth it was still hard for them to fight in the cold weather so they used the tsuketake for warmth they where commonly made of bamboo,iron and cloth. They contained flamable materials such as achool gun powder and cloth. To set the fire ablaze they used a Donohi. Once lit the fire could last hours of even days

Ninja weapons

The ninja clans of feudal japan were feared for their huge arsenal of exotic weapons. If they were on a quest for espionage assassination or open warfare. Shinobi a multiple devastating weapons that they could use to get away from enemy's use for silence or to wound and or kill a enemy One of the most stealthyist weapon was a blow gun which was designed to fire Fuki ya darts. the blow gun was designed with lots f deatail to ensure that the usersair is compressed into a narrow path which make the velocity nmuch more to increase range.

One more is the Kusari Fundo This is a chain or Kusari is 12 to 48 inches long with a weighted fundo end. this weapon could be concealed eaisly unlike a sword and can cause serious injury if used proporly

Intresting facts about ninjas

Like modern special forces timing is a key part surprise attacks or reaction. Ninjas were trained in nekome jutsu which a ability to tell time just by looking at cats eyes very closely. Cats have sensitive eyes and their pupils adjust to light throughout the day. In the early morning cats eyes are more rounded. At around 8am to noon their pupils become more oval shaped to block extra light. Using these skills ninjas could tell time within the hour.



Ninjitsu or ninpo is a type of strategy or tactics of warfare and espionage commonly used by the shinobi. Ninjitsu was a seperate kind of disipline in a few traditonal Japanese schools taught.

What did ninjas typically wear

The ninja loved black that was there color and they knew how to make there self's invisible in bright day light.It allowed them to as stealthy as a hungry leopard the could sneak up on some one kill the with another guard right in front and still not hear him.They usually wore black nut it depends on the conditions like in snow they would wear white or in the desert the would wear tan. on off the reson they wore what the wore is cause it was so flexible it was like a gee,They us them in kick boxing and stuuf.

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