We will help you get prepared for the big exam!

Feeling stressed about the upcoming PCE Clinical Component? Previously unsuccessful in your attempts? Not sure if you’re preparing for the right material in the right way? Or simply not sure how to prepare for the Clinical Component?

This course was designed to tackle all concerns students have while preparing for the PCE. Our course is designed to prepare both Canadian and International Physiotherapy Residents for the Clinical Component.

What our course includes:

  1. Comprehensive review booklet which covers the major topics you need to pass

  2. Includes detailed assessment and treatment techniques that you need to know for MSK, cardiorespiratory, neurological, multi-systems, amputations/post-ops, and pediatric conditionsIncludes relevant Professional Practice information that you need to know to practice safely in Canada

  3. 2 weekend course (3 day education + daily mock exams, 1 day OSCE examintation)

  4. 2:1 ratio of participants to Canadian-trained Instructors - 12 students maximum to ensure personalized attention

  5. Connect with other PCE candidates who are serious about passing the PCE

  6. Practice with gait aids, modalities, and other assessment and treatment devices.

  7. Full email access to our team of Canadian-educated Registered Physiotherapists until you take the exam



Day 1 (9am-5pm):

· Expectations and structure of PCE

· Professional standards of practice

· Safety and professional issues

· Mobility aids, ambulation and transfers

· Neurological subjective and objective examination

o Balance

o Safe handling and bed positioning of neurological patients

· Neurological treatment techniques

o Exercise prescription and considerations

Day 2 (9am-5pm):

· Mock examination & feedback based on day 1 material

· Post-operative conditions and considerations

· Musculoskeletal subjective and objective examination

o Goniometer

o Manual muscle testing

o Reviewing special tests

o Quadrant scan exam

· Musculoskeletal treatment techniques

o Mobilizations


o Exercise principles

· Mock examination & feedback of day 2

Day 3 (9am-5pm):

· Cardiorespiratory subjective and objective examination

o Inspection

o Palpation

o Percussion

o Auscultation

· Cardiorespiratory treatment techniques

o Secretion clearance techniques

o Proper use of respiratory devices

o Education and self-management techniques

· Multisystem

o Overview of arthritic conditions

o Education to patients

o Treatment techniques

· Paediatrics

o Gross developmental milestones

· Mock examination & feedback of day 3

Day 4 (9am-5pm):

· Mock examinations

o 5 minute stations with post-encounter probe

o 10 minute stations

Course Dates (4 day course):

Saturday May 7, 2016 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)
Sunday May 8, 2016 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)

Saturday May 14, 2016 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)
Sunday May 15, 2016 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)