by: Arianna Samuels

Photo-chemical Smog

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Chemical Equations

1. N2+O2-- 2NO

-Molecules of nitrogen and atmospheric oxygen combine at high temperatures to form Nitrogen Monoxide, this is a primary pollutant.

2. 2NO+O2---2NO2

- When the Nitric oxide is in the atmosphere and reacts with an additional oxygen, when combined it creates a brown toxic gas. This is Nitrogen dioxide. This is a secondary pollution.

3. NO2-- NO+ O

- This is a Reaction with Nitrogen dioxide and sunlight.

4. O+O2---O3

-This forms Ozone, This kind of Ozone is the Pollutant kind, This ozone traps heat and contributes to thermal inversion.

5. Hydrocarbon Radicals




-These are dangerous Mixtures, but key ingredients of Photo-chemical Smog

Natural Process

When the smog is created it first begins with nitrogen and oxygen atoms combining to make nitrogen monoxide. Nitrogen Monoxide mixed with oxygen gas then goes to form nitric oxide. A brown gas is formed because of the nitric oxide. NO+O with sunlight makes NO2. Also Ozone is naturally created when oxygen and oxygen gas is combined.

Even without people on the Earth there will still be smog on the Earth. The smog that is created in this form is Photochemical. Many things can be the factor of Photochemical Smog, it could be wind patterns and it could also be temperatures that affect the air pollution. precipitation can be a factor in photo chemical smog, the pollutant are washed out the atmosphere in the rainfall. Also Topography is an important factor in how smog is create.

Anthropogenic Processes

Anthropogenic Processes in the Smog are mostly people driving cars. Everyday humans effect the air pollution. Energy that we use can be a factor of photo-chemical smog. A lot of gasoline and diesel run vehicles. When people are driving in high traffic, this could be a reason that smog is created.

When people do these things to the environment it can cause a lot of deaths. Smog is very harmful. if people realize it or not. Even though it seems as if the smog is natural, it can be natural, but it can also be formed by humans. Humans cause a lot of the air pollution and we need to slow down because we do not want to hurt the Earth in the near future

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