Counseling Group

Kindergarten Session 2

What is that feeling?

Today we gathered for our second session of our counseling group. During the first session we got to know one another a little better and understand the group objectives.

Today we focused on the feelings of anger and frustration. We watched an online reading of the book Howard B Wigglebottom Learns it's OK to Back Away. In the story Howard gets angry at a friend. While dealing with the anger he realizes his body feels a certain way when he gets angry. That feeling lets him know that he needs to BACK AWAY to MAKE IT OK. Back away, take some time to cool off, and then problem solve. After the story we talked about how our bodies feel when we get angry or frustrated and we shared examples: ie: our fist balls up, our mouths shut tight, our tummys hurt, etc. We talked about how these feelings give us a warning that we need to cool off.

Next time we get together for our group we are going to talk about strategies to cool down and relax.

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