Archeology DIG

4th Grade GT is Burying & Digging Up Artifacts

Archeology Project

Next week, students in 4th grade GT will be put into 2 groups to create a culture of their own following the 11 culture universals. Each student in the group has been assigned 2 artifacts to represent the universal they have been assigned. These 'artifacts' will be buried in ground at the secret CCE archeological site. These items will not be returned and will most likely be ruined so please discuss with your child their plans. I don't want anything buried in the dirt that might be of value. Students will make a video of what their artifacts means to their culture in GT, we will bury the artifacts in the dirt and then dig them up to see if we can figure out each other's cultures and what they represent based on the artifact found.

This is a super fun and cool project, but we are working with a tight schedule because of testing and weather usually interferes. The dates could change and we might be lucky if we get it all in by the last day!

Here are the rules & needs:

  • 2 student made Artifacts (these are made at home & brought to school) are due to GT on May 9th. We will begin working on this project in GT on May 1st.
  • We need to borrow shovels, trowels and garden gloves. Students MAY NOT bring these to class (safety). PARENTS may drop these by the GT classroom, labeled with their name and put into the closet between the GT & Music Room. These items will be returned after the Dig. I only have 1 shovel and few trowels so without parent help, we will not have the right tools for the job.
  • On the day of the Artifact Burial (5/17) I need a parent volunteer to help with class during GT.
  • On the day of the Artifact Burial (5/17) and the Archeology Dig (5/21) students will not be allowed to participate if they do not have on closed toe shoes.
  • It is advised that students wear clothes that can get dirty on both the burial and dig day. Many years it has been extremely muddy for one or both events. Students may want to bring a change of clothes and shoes. The weather will determine a lot of the needs. Watch the weather and plan accordingly.
  • I would also recommend having a water bottle. However, since our class is first thing in the morning it hopefully will not be terribly hot.
  • If it is lightening or heavily raining on the day of the burial or dig, we will reschedule the event. If it is lightly raining, we will most likely continue as planned.
  • Parents are invited to either or both of the events. This is really a fun project to watch and help is always appreciated.

4th Grade GT Archeology Bury

Thursday, May 17th, 8am

3301 Pinnacle Road

Austin, TX

Dress in clothes and shoes that can get dirty and let's dig in the dirt/mud. If anyone has any shovels, trowels and/or garden gloves, GT will need to borrow them for this event and the event following. I ask that PARENTS ONLY deliver these items to the GT classroom with their name places on the item (with tape or whatever works for you) so that these items can be returned. This is a safety request. I need at least one parent volunteer to help with this day of the project.

Each group will have 20 min to bury their artifacts in the ground of our archeology site. One group will stay in the classroom and one group will go out to the site, then we will switch.

4th Grade GT Archeology DIG

Monday, May 21st, 8am

3301 Pinnacle Road

Austin, TX

Today we will ALL head out to the DIG site to dig and hopefully find artifacts. Each team will dig on the other teams section of the dig at the same time. Artifacts that are found will be placed in bags. All we will do is dig. We will worry about what is found and what it means later. We will stay out at the site until GT is over and then head inside to return to class. If we get dirty, we will come in a bit earlier to wash up. All parents are welcome to come and see all the fun!