My High School Memories



Hair dolled up,

Eyes closed,

Friends smiling,

We're ready for prom

to the High School

to the Commons

to the red carpet

to the buses

to the dance.

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17th Birthday Dinner

Smiling like models

everybody wants us as their idol.

Eating like Queens

but we're only teens.

Taking pictures at the links

with our fancy drinks.

Thinking we're golf pros

but we don't golf with flow.

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Mi Familia

Fight like a pack of wolves sometimes

eating with my family,

talking around the dinner table,

working together as one,

constructing family time,

staying one big happy family.

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Sea Island, Georgia

When I go to Sea Island,

We go with the Graham family

to boat for hours on end,

to fish for big fish,

to swim in the ocean and pool,

to make memories for life.

We always have the best vacation.

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Junior to a Senior

Going to school,

no one yelling my name,

from down the hall.

Off to college you go,

back to LFHS I go.

It's not the same,

but it's no shame.

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My Favorite Memory

For the New Year, 2014, my family and our family friends went to Cancun, Mexico for a few days. We both stayed in the same hotel, but on different floors. We both had amazing views of the ocean too. One of the highlights from the quick trip was snorkeling. It was cold, rainy, and windy the day we went. We waited almost an hour just to get on the boat with 30 other people.

We finally got on this packed boat- they boated us out to another boat that was anchored on the edge of the reef. The moms decided not to go snorkeling because it was cold. The dads took all six of us. We got in the water and it was freezing. Goggles sticking to our faces; they were becoming foggy. Our lips were covered in salt water and they were itching. We couldn’t see very well either because it wasn’t sunny. The snorkeling guide was so far ahead of us eight. We couldn’t keep up with the guide or other people. We all got bored because we couldn’t see anything. We were annoyed with that. So the dads, myself, and the other five us decided to screw around with people.

Since we’re using that tube to breathe out of; we started to make whale noises with them. The whale noises were really loud. Other people were popping their heads out of the water looking around. My brother and Jack, technically my other brother, were yelling “SHARK!” There were no sharks. The tour guide told us to stop yelling shark and making whale noises. We were scaring other people. We were all laughing. It was really funny, even though; we probably scared a ton of people and their kids. We thought we were really funny and still joke around about that day. When our two families are together-all hell breaks loose.