Changing Carers

By: Sydney Garriott

Beginning the New Journey : Showcasing your Experiences

  • When you begin your new journey you need to think about to see if your old job did' make you happy, if it didn't satisfy you or if you didn't like it.
  • You need to think about the new job you are going to have and if it will please you. If it doesn't please you then why would you want to apply for it?

Developing a Plan : Mapping Your Moves

  • You need to have a Career Plan. A career plan is you sitting down and thinking about where you want to be in the future.
  • You must be able to visualize where you are in three, five and ten years. Do you want to be a Lawyer, Doctor, Police Officer or what.
  • When you make your career plan you need to think about who you are, what you like doing and where you want t go in life.

Making the Change : No burning bridges

  • When you go from job to job, never make a bad move with your last company because you might need them again.
  • When you want to quiet a job you need to put in a 2 weeks notice or writing/typing a letter to your manager.
  • Before you put in your 2 weeks notice make sure you have you another job and it is set up and ready to go.

Considering a Change : Exploring your Options

  • When you consider a change you need to think about if you have the schooling for it, the experience for it, the training for the job and if you do to see if your training needs to be updated.
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