John Green

by Liliyan Zang

all about john green

  • john green is 38 years old.
  • john green made his own treadmill desk.
  • he has published a tottal of 37 books and lost still writing
  • he was born in indiana and grew up in florida
  • he has a wife and a son

the fault in our stars

the fault in our stars is about a girl named haysel grace who has had cancer scince she was 13. now haysel is going to a therepy group mainly because she is depressed. and while she is at the therepy group she meets gus. she finds him weird at first but then she catches on to him and the become best friends. but then the really like each other and they start to date. one day gus buys haysel grace tickets to visit her favorite author in a different country. and they go together and had a great time, but when they get back gus is not doing too good. and one day in the middle of the night haysel gets a call and it says gus has died.

looking for alaska

when a kid named miles comes to a new boarding school he meets a girl named Alaska. Alaska seems to be getting him into more trouble. but then he starts to like her. but she does not like him back. so he dates her Russian friend laura and then Alaska gets mad. so she starts to like him. then just when there about to date she gets a weird call from her boy friend and she panics and leaves. then the next day everybody gets called to the auditorium and the find out Alaska is dead. but the question is was it murder or sucide.