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Hello Susitna Optional Families

Thank you all who attended the Parent Meeting & Parent Work Night last Wednesday. Your involvement really does make a difference for the teachers and in your child’s development.

Thank you,

Sara Crewdson

SOPG Board Member


March 10th - STEM NIGHT - 6-7:30pm

March 11th - End of 3rd Quarter - NO SCHOOL

March 13th - Day Light Savings Time - Spring Forward 1 hour

March 14-18 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL

March 25th - K/1 Learning Lunch

April 2nd - Kindy Roundup (4pm)

April 2nd - Parent Work Night - (Anytime between 3:30-7pm)

April 2nd - SOPG Board Member Meeting (3:45pm)



Thursday, March 10
Science Fair: 9AM- 12PM
STEM Night: 6PM-7:30PM

Please contact Jennifer Harmon or Kristi Therriault for more information:

Text Jennifer @ 719-314-9954 or email:

Kristi Therriault - email:
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Please Note: Begich - Lottery Information

Dear Parents,

I wanted to make sure that the Susitna Optional families are all aware of what will happen next school year. If a five grade student lives OUTSIDE of the Begich zone the school district automatically will add them to the roster for the school in which their address of record is zoned. Regardless of all other factors. Period.

NOW - should the parents or guardians wish for their student to attend another school, we have this nifty system called the LOTTERY.

It is the policy of Begich Middle school to automatically approve all the Susitna Optional student's lottery applications if they apply for the first round. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Please help these parents know that it is very important to know this policy. They had to enter the lottery into Sustina Optional and now their student will have to go to their zoned school or enter the lottery into the school of their choice. Lottery approvals are good for the length of the program.

Please feel free to contact me or the Susitna AA to get help with knowing their student's future track and determining whether or not they need to fill our a lottery application.

Thank you for your help.

Sylvia Field Biondich, CEOE
Middle School Registrar
Nicholas J Begich Middle School

School information is available through our quarterly newsletter, on our website
and on our facebook page under the name Nicholas J Begich Middle School. You can also follow us on Twitter @BegichMiddle

Susitna Optional Makes a Difference!

Two art pieces from our Kaladi Art Show are annually donated to Catholic Social Services Empy Bowl Event for their silent action held on March 12. They were thrilled as usual when they received the art pieces.

If you attend this event, please take a picture of our art in the silent action.

Thank you!


Please Log Your Hours!!

Please Note: Emails will go out after Spring Break with your Total Hours Logged.

Please Log your Hours! Click HERE!

Please refer to the Disclosure of Hours on the website for more information.
Your involvement really does make a difference for the teachers and in your child’s development.

Thank you to the Families that have Logged their hours so far!

For inquiries about your hours logged please email SOPGSUSITNA@GMAIL.COM.

***K/1 is looking for parent/ aunt, uncle / grandparent to read with children. Please contact Lucinda or Brittany if you are available to come in once or set up a time to come in on a regular basis.

There are other ideas listed below on ways you can volunteer.

If you still need a few hours, no worries, here are a few ideas on ways you can volunteer.

  • Helping in classrooms (wash tables, read with a child), help after school (Copy and Laminating projects), parent work night (Next couple are Jan 6th & Jan 27th, anytime between 3:30-7pm), doing work from home (just ask your teachers)

  • We still need volunteers to help in Field trips, and upcoming events like, PACT-(Apr 29), Family Dance Night (April 29), Spring Intensives (May 5 & 6), Spring Bike trip (May 16) and year end picnic (May 19).

  • HELP COORDINATE OUR EVENTS - (Each worth 26 Hours)

  1. Spring Intensives: Coordinator to help Ms. Brittany as needed.

  2. SOPG Last Day of School BBQ: Assistant Coordinator to help Sara Crewdson plan and operate this event.

  • We are in Need of Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, and Members at Large

If you are interested in helping coordinate an event this year, or would like more information please email me at

Please check out Our Website and sign up under volunteers needed if you can help!

Disclosure of Volunteer Requirements

Thank you again for all your help,

Susitna Optional Parent Group

SOPG is specifically dedicated to supporting the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary. We perform functions similar to a PTA and we work closely with the teachers in the Optional Program, as well as Susitna's PTA. Key responsibilities include: assisting with PACT days (Parents and Children Together), Intensives, with Community Outreach projects, and with events like the Fall Ice Cream Social, The Spring Family Dance, spring/fall Bike Ride/Picnic, and the Year-End Barbecue.

The Susitna Optional Parent Group, or SOPG, is a volunteer parent group comprised of parents or guardians of children in the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary. SOPG is led by a volunteer advisory board consisting of a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Members at Large.

The Current SOPG Board Members are

(to email click on member name)

Chair: Rhiannon Benedetti
Co-chair: Sara Crewdson

Secretary: Jessica Blackson
Treasurer: Amber Epps & Kathy Hammon

Members at Large: Ida and DJ Litteral

Members at Large: Angel Solter

Members at Large: Melanie Scallo

Please Join: Facebook Group Page

Welcome to Susitna Optional Parent Group! "A caring community of critical thinkers" This group page is hopefully another way to help us all keep connected throughout the year for information about meetings, events, volunteering, parent hours, etc.

Check out our SOPG Website

The purpose of this site is to provide information about the Susitna Optional Parent Group, as well as those just interested in learning more about the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary.


Your involvement really does make a difference for the teachers and in your child’s development.