Educators Curating

Ashley S. Green

Understanding Curation

Are you one of those persons that comes across a great resource and immediately adds it to your favorites list?

If so, I am sure your list goes on and on for days!

I can honestly say, I was favorited queen. Everything went there and once it was there, it drowned in information.

Gone are those days, content curation is here to stay!

There is more to curation than gathering links and placing them on a website. In order to curate content individuals must add their point of view and contextualize information they are putting together by framing it. When I first started curating, I was simply looking for websites. I tried to find quality sources, but curating goes deeper than that. The presentation helped me to understand the difference from hoarding resources and gathering resources with a purpose. Content curating has opened my eyes to the organizational structure that can be used to store information. I can now get rid of all of my favorites lists that are never used.

There are eight steps that can be taken in order to ensure successful curating.

  • First educators must find the content sources that are high in quality.
  • After the content is selected, it must be filtered by quality and relevance.
  • The content must then be contextualized by adding your own perspective.
  • Next you will sort, rank and layout the content.
  • Decide on a format by using different sources:,, Storify, Storiful, etc.
  • Share the curated information with an audience!
  • Be engaged by hosting the conservation and having live participants.
  • Finally, track the engagement of the site.

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Content Curation

Joyce Valenza's website offers information about content curation. A model is presented that explains curation in details and several content curation sites are also included.

This is a great start for educator's that are interested in content curation.

Breaking Down the Steps to Content Curation

Breaking Down the Steps to Content Curation

In this video, Margot Bloomstein explains content curation in less than 3 minutes. This is a great source if someone wants a quick and easy explanation of content curation.