Electronic Music Producing

Judge R. 8-224


DAW Basics

DAWs are made out of four things, a computer, a sound card, a program (such as the ones I listed above), and an input device, (such as a mouse, keyboard, midi keyboard, or midi controller. With free software on the internet, many people can start making electronic music for almost no money. Below this is an example of a midi controller, a piece of hardware called the MPC Rennaisance.
Flying Lotus Live mix5 - Do the Astral Plane


Most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) use a VSTs to create their sounds, along with audio samples. VSTs are Virtual Studio Technology, they basically are imitators of what large scale studio machines are in recording studios, but digital and work on your computer. This easy way of producing has ushered in a new wave of "laptop" musicians.


VSTs by Studentseventeen