Tate Moore

Best Education Experience:

When I was a senior in high school I interned in a 5th grade classroom helping lead book groups, big projects and I even got to teach a lesson a few times. This was great for solidifying my desire to teach, giving me great experience with students of diverse backgrounds and creating and implementing my own lessons.

Best Friends

I have a hard time choosing just one friend so here are a couple of my closest friends from home and at school. I really love being social so I love having lots of friends.

Important People

My family is incredibly important to me. I have two little sisters and two amazing parents. My mom does HR work for an organic Dermatology Company and my dad is the Federal Channel Manager for EMC3. Every summer we visit my extended family in Captiva Island, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio.

Why your major?

When I was in 5th grade my teacher D'Ann Boal was the most incredible teacher and inspiration I had ever had. I wanted to be just like her. And from that moment on I wanted to be a teacher ever since and inspire and instill a love for learning in all my students!

What do you want from this class?

I really love art and think that many students, particularly young ones do as well. I really am excited on learning new techniques for integrating art into other subjects and making it cross curricular.

Something Unique

My Love List:

1. Babies

2. Deer

3. Flowers

4. The Moon

5. Puppies

6. Sparkly Things

7. Planners

8. Coffee

9. Aspen Trees in the Fall

10. Love Letters