Accountability + Collaboration = Success

JUST SAY YES!! A lawyer says, 'YES!' to opening up her own practice. An executive reduces stress and increases productivity by 30%. A wellness center owner leads her team in a new direction. A non-profit manager reflects upon her future. A designer writes her first book. A coach finds her tribe and doubles her income. A teacher creates balance. An entrepreneur takes great leaps to challenge culture through his work. A manager brings compassion to leadership. Someone like YOU changes their life, contributes to the world in a BIG way and accomplishes major milestone goals. ARE YOU NEXT?

We're all in this Together

I believe we're all in this together and I find that developing space to think and design meaningful relationships goes a long way to create inspired solutions that benefit all. Hello! I'm Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC. I'm an integrative leadership and empowerment coach, consultant, and facilitator who leads passionate professionals to manage change, accelerate success and to sustainably excel in life and at work.

My gift today is an invitation to join a unique mastermind group that creates results and seeds incredible change. You care deeply about the work you do, how it touches lives, how it effects our community, how it effects the planet and how your contribution effects how you feel. There's something strong within you that yearns to 'give deeply' while sometimes feeling like you'd like to 'step away from it all' but you know you can't. There's bills, family, obligations and then there's your work-- the work you love (or want to discover). Things can get a little messy. How do you weave what's important together and take your next steps?

Your calling is big.
It's time for BIG support.

It's time to master your mind for a different kind of success.

WELCOME TO WISDOM CIRCLE MASTERMIND Shared Wisdom = Outstanding Success

It's different.
You're different.
And that's good!

It's time to discover the leader within.

Welcome to Wisdom Circle,
an invitation-only facilitated 6-month accountability mastermind group. It's for the serious professional who's ready take action, values collaboration and needs space to think, plan and propel their ideas and vision forward. Bi-weekly meetings, accountability partnerships and coaching support helps professionals foster leadership, define themselves, grow their business, catalyze ideas, fuel their vision and solve issues while they gain traction, direction, community and peace of mind from personal and professional accomplishments.

Wisdom Circle seminars are offered in-person or online, based on demand. This intimate experience enriches lives and alters how people lead, create and communicate, and invites them to embrace new ways to solve fundamental personal and professional problems. It's where collaboration, creativity and deep inquiry meet a touch of indigenous wisdom. Sound intriguing? Join us!

Wisdom Circle is aligned to serve YOU:
the compassionate, purpose-driven, serious professional, who's a bit stressed from juggling all those hats, AND who's wildly passionate about living a life and career that's aligned with what's good and what's right with the world. (Even if you're unsure of exactly what that looks like right now.)

Wisdom Circle is a commitment. It takes place at a specific time and place and is designed to provide structure, resources, leadership and support.

Wisdom Circle is a life-line. It's the thread that ties what's great about you; your experience, resources, passion and hunger to serve the world's greatest need.

Wisdom Circle is personal.
It's an interesting, integrative and a fertile incubator-style forum where sharing is encouraged, safely teasing your best to show up.

Wisdom Circle is about possibility. It's about being true to your vision and values, while taking courageous risks to step up and step out.

Wisdom Circle is about community
. It's an intimate and safe environment designed to coddle great ideas and soulful hearts. It's THE cohort you need.

Wisdom Circle is about collective & indigenous wisdom. It's about honoring and applying what we already know while exploring through the genius of nature, creativity and collective knowledge. It's definitely unlike any professional development seminar you've ever experienced before!

If you...
  • value your ideas
  • are ready to explore what's possible
  • want to be empowered, gain traction, get organized, accomplish goals and create a plan to further your success ...THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Why join a mastermind group?

For most of us, it's not safe to explore openly, but here in Wisdom Circle, you can. If one or more of these resonate with you, welcome home. IS THIS YOU?
  • Seeking fresh opportunities to step up as a leader
  • Accomplished professional who's hungry for what's next
  • Business owner striving to grow and accomplish goals
  • Budding entrepreneur or seasoned professional who's tired of going solo
  • Want to challenge yourself and others in a safe and thought-provoking way
  • Curious heart searching for what's next and where you belong in the world
  • Serious professional wanting to lead through a conscious-commerce model
  • Looking to cross-pollinate with like-minded folks to foster great ideas
  • Ravenous visionary, full of ideas ready to be launched
  • In an 'off target' direction path that doesn't quite match your values or standards
  • In a 'on target' direction that's working and needs a super-turbo-boost
  • A bit burnt-out, over-stretched, too busy to even think about what you need
  • A repetitive self-saboteur who's done with falling in your own hole again and again
  • Brilliantly curious, creative and out-right brave (even if you don't feel it right now)

What can you gain from JOINING WISDOM CIRCLE?

  • Accomplish Milestone Goals
  • Design, Leverage and Grow Your Business
  • Get Clear, Get Grounded, Get Organized
  • Gain Perspective, Navigate Obstacles
  • Gain Confidence to Move Forward
  • Have Accountability for Follow-Through
  • Leverage Resources, Creativity, Talents, Experience
  • Calibrate Your Direction in Life, Business or New Path
  • Let Go of Stagnant Patterns That Hold You Back From Doing What's Important
  • Pioneer & Complete Projects and/or Shelved Ideas: book, webinar, product, etc...
  • Be At Peace With Who You Are, The Work You Are Doing and Where You Are Going

INVEST IN YOUR SUCCESS!! New groups begin every 3 months. JUST ASK when the next group begins!

  • Groups are small to give each person time to be supported
  • Includes 24 weeks of support through 12 sessions, exclusive workbook, shared resources & coaching
  • $3200 pays for your entry as either a virtual or in-person participant

Here's what others say about the Wisdom Circle Experience

"Before I began Wisdom Circle, I was a struggling entrepreneur, in between stages. I discovered my passion, my BIG WHY and began acupuncture school. It's been the most transformative programs of my career life!"
~ Maggie Strong, Acupuncturist in-training

"One of my biggest takeaways was the seemingly simple act of meeting people who were in similar positions and realizing that I was not alone in the processes of growth and change. No matter where my life takes me, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to grow and experience this innovative program."

~ Erin Edgar, P.A., Attorney with Legal Aid of NC

"I appreciate the insights and knowledge gained as well as the relationships forged and exceeded my own expectations by at least 30%!"
~ Steve Hand, BNI Executive Director

"Wisdom Circle is an invaluable resource for both budding entrepreneur and seasoned professional."

~ Ben Townsend, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), M.S. Owner Townsend Acupuncture

"While I still have so much to do and so far to go, I am now excited about the journey rather than paralyzed by the unknown."
~ Monica Shannon Owner, Open Door Yoga & Wellness Center

"Wisdom Circle served as a collaborative atmosphere, where I felt comfortable synthesizing my thoughts and goals, and start building a vision, professionally. Annelies is a model of what coaching should be. She's extraordinary!"
~ W.V. , MBA, CPA

"Wisdom Circle is great support! So grateful for the experience. I'm writing my book!"
~ Adryin Glenn, Author & Designer, Glenn Designs

"If you want to take action and raise your game, she’s your coach! Annelies is powerful!”
~ Woody Wood, Owner & Founder of Choice Auto Repair

"I feel calmer, more at peace with my business and created sustainable systems to curb overwhelm."
~ Elyse Archer, Owner Six Figure Sales Coaching

"Wisdom Circle created a space for me to goal-set, explore, reflect, connect, make progress and most importantly GROW!"
~ Laura Shulz, Health & Wellness Coach

"I am grateful for the guidance and time to explore. Wisdom Circle gave me the foundation I needed to make some big decisions."

~ Stacy Edwards, Executive Assistant & Business Owner

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Your commitment includes these values and more...
  • Coaching Assessment to clarify your needs, goals and visions
  • Life/Business Coaching at every session to support your direction and growth
  • Tips and Tools on Managing Stress, developing self-care and sustainable life practices
  • Tips and Tools on Business Development, leadership and sustainable business practices
  • Access to Transformative Education, Readings, Book lists, Podcasts, Films and more
  • Exclusive Wisdom Circle Workbook filled with supportive guidance & inquiry
  • Virtually Unlimited Email Access Your Own Personal Coach
  • 12 two hour Bi-Weekly Sessions
  • 6 months of support, guidance and accountability

New groups begin every 3 months
  • Meets Bi-Weekly 6-8PM in-person or via ZOOM (Easy to use online format)
  • $3200 paid in-full or $500/per month. One partial scholarship is available.
  • ONLINE or IN-PERSON groups begin every 3 months, based on demand & location of most participants. Email me to talk and see if Wisdom Circle is a right fit for you.


Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC Conduit for change

For more than 25 years Annelies has been challenging and inspiring people to live and work at their best through visionary practices that transform the status quo and tease out extraordinary human potential. She works with individuals, groups and businesses who want to grow sustainably. Annelies holds a Master's in coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health, studied conflict transformation, peacebuilding and expressive arts in Switzerland's European Graduate School, and is certified with the International Coaching Federation. She's a highly regarded conduit for change who lives for inspiring hearts and empowering lives.

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