Save The Children

By: Ana Alonso, David Carreño and Gaddiel Amaya.

What´s Save the Children?

Save the Children, is an international non-governmental organization that promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.

What Save The Children fight for?

Save The Children is an international movement to fight for the children's rights. To make that change posible, they find political solutions and create societies where empowered individuals can thrive.


• Water: Every day, 1400 children die from diarrhoea caused by dirty water. This is just a proportion of the 4 million deaths from water-related diseases and poor sanitation each year.

• Food: In 2013/14, 400,000 people benefited from support to improve their crops, their goods or their services.

Investing in Childhood: Help secure early education for every U.S. child and help kids survive around the world.

Get ready, get safe: When disaster strikes, children are the most vulnerable. They are poorly prepared to keep children safe.

• Crisis in Syria: They want and need to go to school. To be protected. To be comforted. These children need champions.

Emergency response

Salve The Children is now helping many more childrens than ever, with more and better aid, delivered by more professionally trained aid workers and in a manner that treats disaster affected people and communities with the respect and dignity they deserve. These are some emergencies responses:

  • Ebola
  • Crisis in Siria
  • Crisis in Gaza
  • Crisis in South Sudan

Artist Ambassadors

Here are some influential public figures who have helped promote Save the Chidlren's programs globally. With the help from the Artist Ambassadors, Save the Children continues to help children at home and abroad not only survive, but thrive.
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The red zone, marks where Save The Children is working actuality.