Eagle Eye E-News September 7-11

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

What's Coming Up This Week?

Monday- Happy Labor Day- Enjoy your day off!

Tuesday-Ebinport Independence Day- Wear red, white and blue jeans to support students walking to class independently!
  • 3:00 2nd-5th Grade Teachers Meet in the Media Center for MAP Administration Training-Teachers please bring your charged laptop and 1 charged student iPad and the most up to date roster.
  • 8:00-10:30 iPad Deployment-See schedule below

  • Grade Level/Content Area PLC Meetings in Conference Room
  • 3:00 First Read to Succeed Foundations Class

  • 8:00 Pastries with the Principal in the Conference Room
  • 2:45 Leadership Team Meeting
  • 3:00 Immersion Teachers Meet at Ebinport
  • 6:30 PTO Meeting


      • Spirit Wear Orders Due
      • Please return placement cards to Mrs. Kelsey
      • Tailgate Friday-Please see email from Sunshine about your grade levels assigned item to bring.
      • Student Council Representative Name to Ms. Lunny
      • 9-12 Brian at the DO for training
      • 1-4 Rhonda at the DO for training

        Upcoming Events:

        • September 14- 12:30-1:30 First Grade "Related Arts Enrichment" (1 hr. planning for teachers)
        • September 15- Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night (Cherry Road)
        • September 15- 8:30 Front Office Meeting
        • September 15- Faculty Meeting- FERPA Update, ADEPT Update, LA Fitness
        • September 15- 6:00 SIC Meeting
        • September 17- Girl Scout Night
        • September 17- 3:00 R2S Foundations Class
        • September 18- Let Mr. Hollingsworth know what live materials cards are needed at your grade level this year. More information to come...
        • September 21- 1:15-2:15 2nd Grade "Related Arts Enrichment"
        • September 22- 3:00 Collaborative Schools Tuesday Meeting- Old Pointe Elementary
        • September 25- State Department SLO Training must be complete
        • September 28-October 2- Book Fair at Ebinport
        • October 1- Foundation Grants Due
        • October 2- Run-A-Thon Pep Rally...a schedule will come out once it is finalized..
        • October 2- 6:30 Family Movie Night
        • October 16- All teachers on GBE must watch the district GBE video- This video can be found at this link. After watching the video, please be sure you complete the electronic signature form in order to document your completion of this task.
        • October 16- 9:00-2:00 SCEA at Ebinport

        Ride Change Notes

        If you receive notes from parents regarding ride changes, please send these to Kim. She will continue to call rooms each afternoon as a reminder of these changes as one more safeguard in place for children.

        iPad Deployment-TUESDAY-PLEASE READ!

        Click here for the iPad deployment schedule. We will deploy on Tuesday! The media center will be closed from 8:00-11:00 to allow Lisa to help with deployment.

        iPads will not go home until MAP testing is complete. Settings had to be changed to allow for MAP testing and this will need to be re-done after testing to secure them before they leave the building.

        Lockdown Drill

        We were given high praise for our lockdown drill this week! Officer McCrorey was very impressed with everyone's diligence and attention to detail. He said, "This was great! So much better than last year!" While we pray we never need these procedures, practice will only make us react faster in a time of crisis and this could mean lives saved.

        Some things to remember from Officer McCrorey:

        • Get children settled and quiet as quickly as possible.
        • In the event of an active shooter, be prepared to fight. Think about objects in your room that could be used as a weapon.
        • If you are outside in the event of a real lockdown you will need to make a judgement call...reenter the building or run for the surrounding neighborhood with your students.
        • A CHANGE FROM WHAT WE WERE INSTRUCTED TO DO LAST YEAR: Cards in the windows of your rooms should remain on green. Kevin Wren advised us to keep them red last year, and as a result of our drill will be making this change district wide. There were too many red cards left unturned due to vacant classrooms for emergency personnel to make a real difference getting to victims in need. Cards should be green facing the hallway at all times unless emergency attention is needed in your room.
        • Officer McCrorey and Kevin Wren will be joining us in October for an additional training and will answer questions you may have.

        One final note from Officer McCrorey sent through email: "...although the school district has policies and procedures to follow during mass violence events, it will be ultimately up to them to make some critical decisions during an event like this and to do what's necessary to prevent loss of life."

        A Note From Safety Committee

        During the safety committee meeting this week members discussed fire drills and related arts. This team has requested that homeroom teachers walk around the building to locate their class during a fire drill to help in accounting for children. If you have additional questions related to this please let the safety committee know.

        Mrs. Collins PE Teacher

        This year we are blessed to once again have Mrs. Collins join the Ebinport team on Monday and Tuesdays. She will be contacting you soon about her time with students. She will be working with children during recess again this year.

        State Dept. Money

        Please don't forget to keep your log of money spent received from the state department. Jo Ann will collect these logs after winter break.

        Collaboration Tuesdays

        On Tuesday, September 22 we will travel to Old Pointe for collaboration time with India Hook, Old Pointe and Mt. Gallant teachers. At this meeting, we have asked technology specialists to come to support with any Canvas questions. You will be in smaller groups for this. Members of leadership teams from each school will meet to determine PD sessions for future meetings. If you have specific sessions you would like to see offered please communicate this with the leadership team member at your grade level. Content area teachers will be at a separate PLC meeting.

        One Way

        Concerns have been shared with me regarding staff members (and I don't know who you are:) entering the front parking lot by going the wrong way, in other words not going through the "race-track." Please help set a good example for both parents and students by entering the parking lot the correct way! Thank you!

        Student Monitoring Sheets

        Next week you will be given access to individual student monitoring sheets which contain historical information on each student. The DO is now able to send these directly to teachers via email with password protection. Each teacher will be able to open these PDF documents using the last four digits of their SSN as reported in PowerSchool. If this password does not work, please verify that the SSN in PowerSchool is correct and contact Dan Ralyea or Karen Price. Teachers should NOT store these on their computer desktop or hard drive. It is recommended that they move this email into an email folder. Future information may also be organized in this manner. Teachers should receive this email by Wednesday of next week.

        FREE Read to Succeed Foundations Class Offered!

        Teachers who are teaching under an early childhood, elementary, ESOL, and Special Education certificate may want to participate in our class here at Ebinport. Generally, it will meet bi-weekly on Thursdays, with a few exceptions. The certification areas listed above are required to have this class within the next 10 years. It will count as 60 professional development hours toward your teacher endorsement (and it will count as half of what is needed for your certificate renewal. Yay! ) Class participation is completely voluntary. If interested, sign up is on the table in Marco’s room. Class begins Wednesday, Sept. 9.

        A Note From Melanie Westmoreland: District Literacy Coach

        My name is Melanie Westmoreland. I am excited about being with the Rock Hill Schools and serving as the District Literacy Coach for 4K through 2nd grade. This is my 22nd year in the teaching profession. I received my B.S. in Elementary Education from Winthrop in 1993. I have a Master of Early Childhood Education and an Educational Specialist degree in Literacy. Most of my career was spent in York School District One where I taught 3rd, 4th and 6th grade and served as a school -based Literacy Coach for seven years. Before coming to Rock Hill, I was a school-based Reading Coach for two years in Fort Mill.

        My husband, Doug, and I celebrated our 21st anniversary this year. Our lives have been richly blessed with two wonderful children. Carson is a 7th grader at Saluda Trail Middle School, and Sara Beth is a 3rd grader at Sunset Park.

        During the month of September, I plan to visit each of the 4K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classrooms in the district. I believe this is an excellent way for me to see all of the great things that are happening in our primary classrooms. When I come to visit, please teach on and know that I will not interrupt instruction to make introductions.

        I will look forward to meeting each one of you in the near future and getting to know you better.


        Building Hours

        Mr. Jean opens the building at 6:30 each morning. I think I gave you incorrect times in previous communication efforts. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

        Winthrop Partnership

        We are still taking great teachers for our Winthrop Partnership. You can sign up using the following link. This does not mean you have to have a year long intern!! Host teachers are just a few days, mentor teachers are year long.


        Parent Conference Sign-Up

        This was sent to me by a parent as a possible tool for teachers to use to schedule parent conferences. Happy exploring!


        Discipline Task Force Notes


        -How We Work

        -Share Character Ed that has worked in our rooms

        -clip charts, recognizing students doing the right thing

        -clip charts, following through with the consequences

        -Start with Character Ed and build discipline around that

        -HERO: every nine weeks a word is chosen and explained to students, the students themselves chose who is showing that character trait (empathy, honesty, responsibility and obedience) ; the "HERO" words will be taught in guidance once a nine weeks

        -choose words that go along with each HERO trait per week, and work into class meetings

        -HONESTY: integrity, trustworthy, courageous

        -EMPATHY: acceptance, compassion, supportive

        -RESPONSIBLE: ownership, citizenship, perseverance

        -OBEDIENCE: attitude, self-control, respect

        -How to implement into classrooms

        -To Do-watch video from Dr. Beard on demo of rules from Leslie King from Northside

        Student Leadership Committee Meeting Notes


        -Student Council: (Hannah Lunny)

        Ms. Lunny reported the roles of officers and responsibilities. *HR reps- *President (2) CO-Presidents *Vice Pres. (1) (4th grade)

        *Senators (1) 3rd grade

        *Representatives- 2 from each Home room ( boy and girl) 3,4,5th

        *Elections need to happen in next week or two. She will have meetings with reps and they can hole Pres, VP, and Senator elections

        *Lunny needs class rep names by Sept. 11, then have a meeting with all reps in the morning to go over rolls of SC and tell them what they need if they want to run for offices. Lunny will talk with Sylvia about filming speeches.

        Junior Beta Club (Mandy Riley)

        - Needs to be set up by Oct. 30th---To be Distinctive Beta Club---We plan to go for this designation.

        - Criteria: *Character/grades (Usually A/B grades with good character) *We can create additional qualifications

        Beta Club Information

        $15 per member -Money can go toward a shirt and membership.

        -Club can do fundraisers/ concessions, etc. to raise money for Nationals.

        -to qualify, look at GPAs from previous year. MV suggested that we also think of other criteria once we see GPAs.

        -Need to do induction ceremony once we get names of students.

        -LR suggested refreshments for night of Induction, nice attire. It’s a time to look your best!

        Once we get a charter, we can look into taking our club to Nationals. MR- told us about National Beta Club site: www.nationalbetaclub.org

        -MV asked what can we do to help. MR said first step is to get GPAs.

        Student Ambassadors LR asked that teachers choose a Student Ambassadors. This is for grades 3-5. One representative per classroom should be chosen. Not necessarily top grades, instead pleasant child, good attitude, etc.

        New Business:

        -Marco Vaughn reported, *Eagle Eyes starts next week. 4th and 5th graders. Some changes this year. WE will begin with a staggered start so that all kids can get know each other and not “flood” the halls.

        Questions/ Concerns:

        -Ms. Chen wants us to organize a Full Moon Day, -Sept 25th . This is a day to celebrate Chinese culture and tradition.

        -She mentioned that the Confucius Institute might be able to provide funds for this event. Wants to talk with Mrs. Kelsey about this idea.

        -She would like for parents to come with students and possibly participate in activities such as: -sharing stories about China -sharing the importance of the celebration - Chinese calligraphy writing

        - Food such as Dumplings (including recipe cards to make recipes at home)

        - Ms. Chen would like some help to organize this event

        Lisa Rutledge mentioned having the book fair in conjunction The Full Moon Celebration so more parents would attend.

        Sunshine Committee Notes

        * Bonnie Jean doing July/August birthdays now and encouragement cards

        * Leave early passes

        o Must use them by December 31, 2015

        o Staff can leave AFTER duty is over

        * Tailgaters

        o September Salads

        o Assign it

        o Salad vote: Whoever won best “salad” the group will win some salad tongs

        * Random acts of kindness: Sunshine Committee will put something in our box/free coffee/etc. to brighten our staff’s day. Once a month surprises – staff won’t know what day it will be.

        o Ask sponsors on Ebinport letterhead

        * Giving you an opportunity to give back to your community by investing in Ebinport.

        o Survey online: How Can Sunshine Committee Brighten Up Your Day?

        * Cookies or cupcakes?

        * Morning or afternoon surprises?

        - Amanda: create the survey online

        - Bonnie Jean: will handle September’s surprise

        - Emma: Tailgater flyer


        * October: Tailgate foods (dips, wings, etc.)

        * November: Plan A-Cook-out? (Administrators?) Plan B-Festival Foods

        o Caramel popcorn, caramel apples, cotton candy, donut holes

        * December: International Christmas

        * January: Soups

        Safety Committe Notes

        * Fire Drill- Kids in resource- Some confusion over who is responsible for keeping track with those students. If child is not with homeroom teacher, the homeroom teacher should show a red card. Should GT teacher be accountable for her kids or homeroom teacher? Mr. Shevy will talk to Mr. Hollingsworth about this procedure.

        o Do we ever run a reverse drill? Ask Mr. Hollingsworth

        * 3-5 grade walker line. How is it going? Mrs. Clark said that it is going well. Garden Door is still not closing door on a regular basis. Ask Mrs. Kelsey to put reminder in Smore.

        * School Crisis Plan- Kevin Wren spoke with Mr. Shevy about plan. The crisis plan has been e-mailed to Mr. Shevy. Mr. Shevy will talk to him more about this. What parts need to be updated? We can look at it and see what parts can be updated by different members of the committee. We will look at it more at a later date.

        * Clipboards for specials so that we know who is not present for drills. Some system needs to be set up. Could absences be on one side and health concerns be put on other side. Thoughts? Could classroom teachers come to specials to hold up red/green cards? Committee decided that teachers will find special area teacher with their class and be accountable for students.

        List of allergies by class would be helpful for special area teachers. This might be something in the crisis plan. We will wait and see if it is in the crisis plan and proceed. Classroom teachers need to give a list to special area teachers.

        * Gate on back playground is still not being shut.

        * Nails from roof and playground are being found on the playground.

        * Food Pantry locks people in if door is not propped open. Mr. Shevy will ask Kim Brown to put in a work order.

        * Lock Down Drill- Can a connect ed call go out before the drill? Leigh Clarke will e-mail to request. Someone needs to talk to Chinese teachers about lockdown drill.