Learning Technology -PD

Sessions 11th-15th August

Engage and empower your students with ThingLink

Thinglink users can create all sorts of lessons and activities with interactive content - image, text, video, weblinks, audio etc- that lives inside of a single image. Talk about driving curiosity, discovery and engagement! Thinglink…the perfect 21st Century learning “cool tool”! This is a great tool for teachers and students.

What to bring & Where

iPad charged

ThingLink app (free) downloaded

In Room ..

Limit of 6 people

ThingLink also integrates really well with Padlet

Padlet https://padlet.com would be great to add to your toolkit for curating, flipping, and presenting.

The flexible platform allows teachers and students to organize and share teaching and learning materials, or their research products, in the form of a attractive visual grids composed of tiles.

Pick a topic, choose a theme (tile layout) and create a canvas by curating and annotating a variety of media elements–thinglinks, videos, images, links, and files–your own original content, commentary and questions, or the work of others.

Built-in search tools make it easy to find relevant content from within the platform. Content may be easily dragged in from Google, Youtube and Flickr searches or from Dropbox, Google Drive, your own bookmarks, your recent searches or your desktop. Tiles are easily scootched around and users can continue to add rows to a canvas. Each tile displays with a media icon label.

Option 1 - engage your students with ThingLink

Tuesday, Aug. 12th, 3:30pm


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