James Meredith

by josh frye


James was the first black student to attend the university of Mississippi in 1962. Meredith spent 9 years in army air force, before enrolling in Jackson state collage, all black in Mississippi. Meredith lectured at American and African collages and undertook various businesses ventures including stockbroking and property investments in new York.


James vowed he would dedicate his life ensuring equal treatment for African Americans. In 1972, he ran for a seat in the senate, losing to democratic James Eastland. Meredith also served as a domestic adviser to US Senator Jesse Helms, between 1989 to 1991. Meredith served as a lot of things in his time when he was a political conservative at heart, and in 1989, he joined the staff of Sen, Jesse Helms, north Carolina. Later Meredith wrote a book and engaged in local politics.


Meredith planned the 220-mile march against fear from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson Mississippi. He was standing against racism for what he believed in, that is right for this world. But in March 1966, Meredith was shot and hospitalized for protesting against racism. But he was recovered and still living.