2014 Great Kindness Challenge

March 31-April 4th

The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, choosing from a checklist of 50 suggestions.

Great Kindness Challenge Events

Monday - Mike McGowan Monday! Mr. McGowan will be here to her speak with our middle school and high school students about bullying and accepting differences.

Tuesday - Tootsie Roll Tuesday Add a kind message to our Kindness Board and get a Tootsie Roll.

Wednesday - Silent Struggles Students will have an opportunity to learn about issues other students might be silently struggling with.

Thursday - Thank You Thursday Take a moment to send a thank you card to someone who shows you kindness.

Friday -Because I'm Happy Day - Students wear yellow and orange to celebrate the return of sunshine to our school day. After a long winter sunshine is just the medicine we need.

Kindness Week Visitors

Mike McGowan

On March 31, 2014 Mike McGowan will be speaking with our middle school and high school students on the impact bullying has on students and our school as a whole.

Mr. McGowan has spent the last twenty three years working with families and

children. He has worked as an educator; a youth care worker, a family counselor, an

alcohol and drug counselor and a trainer. He has directed state certified training

programs and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. During the last fifteen years he has given assemblies to tens of thousands of school children each year and has trained thousands of teachers in hundreds of school districts across the country. Additionally, he has worked with social service agencies, the department of corrections, professional athletes and teams from the NFL and MLB, and dozens of private companies as a trainer and consultant. His experience also includes numerous published articles and guest appearances on radio and television. Mr. McGowan is a renowned speaker whose presentations are personal and


Climb Theater

CLIMB Theater will be entertaining and educating our K-5 grade students on Apri 4, 2014 CLIMB is a touring, educational theatre that brings our own original plays and classes directly to schools (and other agencies) across the Upper Midwest. Our programs are well researched and have high artistic and educational quality. CLIMB Theatre’s classes are made up of age-appropriate activities and scenes that either teach an important lesson or provoke new thoughts about an issue that kids deal with every day. They also provide an opportunity for creativity, play and fun—which is part of what makes them effective education. Working in pairs, each team brings its own costumes, props and music directly into your school’s classrooms. After the class, CLIMB provides each teacher with a follow-up activity to continue the exploration.

Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution. - Kahlil Gibran