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where can you go in space

There are 4 options of where you can go. First option: Mars. Second option: Pluto the dwarf planet. Third option: HIP 13044b the recently discovered planet from another galaxy. or the final option: the asteroid belt in-between Mars and Jupiter.

The Solar System Song

what you can do on the places you can go

on HIB 13044b we have made the biggest inside water park in the universe in can fit 1 billion people. on MARS there are the biggest volcano's in the universe so we made volcano tours around the volcanoes. On the ASTEROID BELT we have asteroid riding, and finally on PLUTO we have snowboard, skiing an ice body boarding


You can travel on space shuttles or fly on the virgin galactic space plane both these ways will get you to were you need to go in just under 1 hour.

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