Warren Middle School

It is Better Than Brown


The purpose for choir is to preform a song with your peers that will make the audience feel a new emotion. There are many reasons to join choir such as: it brings people together, improves how you sound when singing, builds self-confidence, and gets you out of school occasionally. The only challenge might be that some people think that they are better than others.


Football is meant to get you tougher mental and physically; it is important to try your best. Football will build your confidence while it will build the team's teamwork too. Also it will help you grow closer to one another and you can have a lot of fun with it too. One of the problems is that there is a high risk for injury.

National Junior Honors Society

NJHS is to prove how good a student you are. You should be in NJHS because it can get you into college, can gain you some new friends, improve the all-around morale of your friends, and it rewards you bfor being a good student. Your only challenge might be keeping up with your grades.


Basketball is to win games with your team. It is useful to build teamwork. Also, it will get you friends, get better, and destroy other schools confidence. It would be hard to get to school at 6:30.

Cross Country

Cross Country is to represent your school at meets. It is importsnt because it can build up your endurance while teaching you how to stay healthy. Also, it helps with your leadership and teamwork.