Instructional Coaching

What is it really?

“Instructional coaches who use a proven coaching cycle can partner with teachers to set and reach improvement goals that have an unmistakable, positive impact on students’ lives.” - Jim Knight

The Cycle

Identify- determine what the teacher has decided is an area of personal improvement through video tape or reflective discussion alone or with the coach and set a student centered goal

Learn- the instructional coach supports the teacher with new learning or tweaking of current instruction, coming up with a plan to monitor the practice using checklists, observations, video taping, etc.

Improve- when the teacher implements the teaching strategy and the coach and teacher innovate and problem solve until the goal is hit using observations and data collection done by either the coach or the teacher

Reflection- did student achievement increase?

Quick, pop in observations are definitely good, but not if done exclusively in the coaching cycle to see student growth!

Video- All New Craze!

Using video to improve your practice and reflection is the newest craze amongst educators! Below are two videos of teachers who use video on a regular basis to enhance their teaching. The first video features a teacher from Johnston. Take advantage of the Swivls we have available in the building.