Bouchell's Brilliant Third Graders!

April 29, 2016

Thank you for your cooperation this week with Milestones!

Leah Morris has sent out an email about Field Day Volunteers, please check your emails! Thanks Leah!

What We Are Learning:

Math: Perimeter, Area, and Graphing Test on Monday May 2nd, End of Year Math SPG on Wednesday, May 4th.

Reading: We will begin the book "Lemonade Crime" and write journal responses for the books we have read this year.

Writing: We will begin our final narrative writing piece for the year next week.

Word Study: Review of the 9 weeks

Social Studies: American Hero Review, American Hero Test on Wednesday, May 4th.

Important Dates:

May 2- Math Test

May 4- Math DA

May 4- American Hero Review Test

May 9- SS SPG

May 9- Carmen Deedy Author Visit

May 10- Science SPG

May 11-Science Review Test

May 19- Field Day

May 20- Class Party

May 25- Last Day of School