Hernan Cortes; The Great Explorer

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Hernan Cortes

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish Conquistador and explorer that sailed to the new world in the 1500's and also made many discoveries such as finding the peninsula of California.

Hernan Cortes was born in Medellin, Spain in 1485. During his lifetime, Cortes conquered the Aztec Empire, sailed to the "New World", and discovered the peninsula of California.

Cortes died on December 2, 1547 in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Spain of pleurisy. He was coming back to Spain from a war after nearly drowning, but he never made it.

What were some of his adventures?

At the age of 19, Hernan Cortes set sail for the new world. He traveled to Santo Domingo, or Hispaniola. He then became the notary for several years in the city of Azua. In 1511, Cortes journeyed on an expedition to Cuba that was led by Diego Velazques. Hernan worked as a civil government in Cuba. In the year of 1518, Cortes set sail to Mexico. He had heard of the Aztec civilization of their riches.

The Conquest of Mexico

Hernan Cortes is mostly known for conquering the Aztec Empire. After disobeying orders to not journey to Mexico, Hernan set sail with over 500 men in 1518. He arrived at the Yucatan Peninsula in February 1519. He conquered the capital Tenochtitlan and his men killed Montezuma II. Cortes then renamed the city Mexico City.

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Hernan Cortes-Explorer of the Millennium


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