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How Different Are Fixed Blade And Folding Blade Type Knives?

The first kind of tools developed by early humans was knives. Now there are various types of knives available. Each of them has a special purpose. The two common types of knives are the fixed blade knife and the folding blade knife. Though both of these are used for the same purpose, their abilities are different. Some of the key specifics of these knives are mentioned below.

Fixed Blade Knives

These are the most common type of knives and are used for daily use. As the name suggests, they have a fixed blade. These knives are very durable and serve their purpose effectively. They are usually built with a single piece of stainless steel including the handle. The handle gives strength to the knife. As the blades are fixed, it makes it better for hunting as it is rugged and can be easily used in such situations. However, these knives are not good when you need to carry them around as they need more space and need a special container for safety. Knife Storage Cases can be used when you need to carry them. The knives under the fixed blade category as stronger, bigger and come with various enhancements that are advantageous for the users. Apart from the convenience, they are perfect weapon that is non-firearm and compact too.

Folding Blade Knives

When it comes to smaller tasks, folding blade type is perfect. The fact that knives are small and just half when it comes to the fixed blade knives; they are the most convenient type of knives to carry around. While the fixed blade type is very durable, it is difficult to trust the durability of the folding knives. The main feature of the fixed blade type is durability and strength, however the main features of folding blade types is convenience of carrying and safety. Though these folding knives are good for various purposes, it is not recommended to use them for serious hunting missions. There are various types of knives in folding blade type; they are folding pocket knives, Folding Butterfly Knives etc.

So each type of knife has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Folding Pocket Knives are perfect when one needs ease of use, durability, etc. The folding knife is best for situations where basic knife usage is required with minimum strength. For hunting expedition, knives are used for various purposes starting from cutting twigs to using them for self-defense. Fixed blade hunting knife is heavier when compared to the compact knife and should be avoided in smaller situations. While selecting the best hunting knife, it is better to carry both types. This would help one have backup in case one needs to use the primary knife. However, if you still want to choose one, then it’s better to choose a fixed blade knife as they are perfect for hunting.

So once you decide the type of knife you want, you can choose one from various online stores. Online stores have huge collection of various types of knives. So browse and choose the one that suits your purpose and get it delivered to your home. Look for website reviews before you make the purchase.