Animal abuse: what gives?

Why animals? What did they ever do?

Big question

Big question: What does the ASPCA do to help abused animals??

My big question


The ASPCA is a very popular shelter. They do a lot regarding animal abuse. They're name actually stands fo the American Society of the Prevention of creulty to Animals. They were founded in 1844 around the idea to help abused animals. The ASPCA has their own veterinary clinic and has a large animal wing

So... Why do people abuse animals? Studies have shown that people abuse animals because they have past experiences with animals that aren't the best, showing power, or someone may have been taught to feel hatred of a certain animal.

Someone may feel the need to punish all animals if a family member got hurt because of an attack. Even though it's not right, they feel like all animals are bad. Normally, these people have some mental issue.

Some people like having power. They obviously can't control other people so they show their power through animals. Animal abuse isn't as severe as child abuse so people feel like they can abuse animals to show power. These people also have issues.

Some people grow up to learn that animals are bad. This could possibly be because the parent or relative was in a bad encounter with an animal and they taught their children that that animal is bad.