Are you Smarter than a Vibrator?

A new twist for Summer Time Fun

Calling all Diva's

We’ve earned some Girl time, so in honor of our fabulousness, I’m hosting a Are you Smarter than a Vibrator Pure Romance Party! It’s a new twist for Summertime Fun! We’ll be in and out in 2 hours so there is NO REASON not to attend! This is NOT your typical party. We'll be doing a game show - I'll provide the questions. The answers will of course be Pure Romance products or maybe a little more Spicey!

We will be starting promptly at our scheduled Show Time, if you arrive late, you’ll miss out on the fun AND the opportunity to win prizes and discounts. We'll break everyone into team and you'll be competing against each other! Log onto for a sneak preview of our answers and to start your wish list now.

Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes early to socialize and snack. Bring friends! There may just be a surprise for the lady who brings the most.

This is not just a get together, it’s a FanTabulous Shopping Event – Plan on SHOPPING! You Pay Today so You can Play Today! Our Hostess’s Shopping Spree and Royalty Rewards are based on sales from the party. Let’s plan on taking home some goodies. All ordering is totally confidential and we have something for everyone! You can pay by Cash and Credit/Debit Cards.

We are going to have a BUZZtacular time!

Dena Franklin

Our Hosts - Tiffany DeSena and Crystal Nation

Saturday, June 1st 2013 at 6-8pm

480 Guyler St Ringgold GA 30736

RSVP yes or no so we can plan everything perfectly. Don't forget to bring a friend or three, or ten, or more.... The more the merrier.

Can’t make it - No worries! Place your order now:

These Pre-Party orders are very much appreciated PLUS they increase the Shopping Spree and Royalty Rewards! Just be sure to let one of us know you've ordered so I can add these orders to the party totals!

Interactive Facebook Event

Have you joined our Facebook Event? Be sure to RSVP as attending so you can participate in the PreParty fun! I'll be posting interactive goodies like Scavenger hunts, contests, trivia, demos, and more.

If you haven't connected to my Facebook page or received the invite, please let me know so you don't miss out on the fun and your chance at HUGE discounts plus prizes!

Want to earn $5, $10, $15, or even $20 for yourself? It's so easy! Simply forward this flyer to all of your friends and invite them to join our party. When they place and order, book a party, or join my team you'll be rewarded!

$100 Shopping Spree

Do you need your very own Pure Romance Shopping Spree? Call me quickly to claim your date NOW while I still have available dates. Dena Franklin 423-505-3546

Ask me about my Stop N Shop get togethers, Diva's Dozen parties, and Game Show Events, Mimosa mornings, Hit It & Quit It, Margarita Mondays, Splish Splash Pool Parties, or Summer Kick Off events. Heck, they call me Squeals on Wheels so I can drop by wherever you and your friends hang out to bring the store to your door. These are perfect for ladies with hectic warm weather social calendars!

A few friends + 1 - 2 hours + Laughter, Fun, and Girl Time = $100 Shopping Spree!

My Hostesses average $100 - $200 in Shopping Credits, free gifts, buying discounts, and Royalty Rewards!

Help our Fabulous Hostess increase her Shopping spree by booking your party today!