Overcoming Disabilities

By: Vaishak M

How hard is it to overcome disabilities?

Do you know the definition for overcoming any disability that someone may have? Well I am going to talk about how it is hard for people to overcome disabilities

for many reasons.

One example of a disability is dyslexia. Dyslexia is a mental disability. This disability makes it hard for people to read and speak. Some symptoms are difficulty memorizing, difficulty thinking and understanding and having problems with spelling. These people have to live with this all their life which is amazing how they can manage to live their life without being able to read properly.

Another example of a disability is when someone has a physical disability, like ALS. This disability doesn't allow people to move any of their muscles. This is very hard because that means no moving whatsoever. Could you imagine having ALS? Many people have been able to communicate because of technology these days.

These are the hardships people have when they are trying to overcome a disability that they have.

How to overcome disabilities Step by Step

Do you have any physical or mental disability? If you want a way to help overcome this problem you should read this article. There are 3 steps and they are to relax, tell someone you trust and find someone or someplace to help you.

The very first step is to relax. You want to do this so you can think clearly. When you relax think about the positive things which will help to overcome your disability. This will help you a lot in the future because you want to be patient and calm when trying to overcome your disability.

The next step is to tell someone trust that you are having some problems. This person should be a very trusted person like a family member or a trusted adult if you are younger and a trusted friend if you are an adult. This is very important because if you tell someone you trust they can help you overcoming disability.

The last step is to find a place or person to help you. This can help because these people can help you get better from the disability. This is also a very important step because if you don't get any help then bad things can possibly happen to you.

This is the step by step process into helping you overcome a disability that you may have. These steps can help you and anyone else who needs to overcome the disability that you or they have.

Comparisons and contrasts of two people who overcame a disability they had.

The two people I am comparing and contrasting for the topic of overcoming disabilities are Dan Cummings and Dr.Cival Mills. These two people overcame being paralyzed for more than 7 years.

The first comparison between both of them is that they had both been paralyzed for a long time. This had shown how they had overcame their disabilities because

they had in the end both of them had gotten out of their paralyzation. A contrast between Dr.Cival Mills and Dan Cummings was at what age they had been paralyzed at.This shows how they had overcome their disability because Dan might have had a harder time because he was younger and Dr.Cival may have had a hard time because he was older so it may have take a longer amount of time.

The second comparison is how they had both been able to recover from the disability they had. For Dr.Cival it had taken him 9 years for him to recover and for Dan it had taken him 7 years to recover because of all the physical therapy they went through. Another contrast is the age that they had both been paralyzed at. For Dan he had been paralyzed at age 19 and for Dr.Cival it was at age 26. This is amazing how they were both able to survive because the doctors said they wouldn't be able recover from what had happened to them.

All of these examples show how overcoming disabilities is a very hard thing. It was a very amazing thing that they kept going even though in some other people's situations they may have given up.

Problems and solution that people might have when they have Overcoming Disabilities

You probably know that people can have problems when they have disabilities, but do you know what they are? The example I am going to use is the ALS physical disability. This disability doesn't allow the person who was ALS to move any of their muscles.

One problem with ALS is you have no communication whatsoever. This is a problem because people can't communicate if they need something even if it is really urgent. A

solution for communication is this machine called the Eyewriter. This machine can help a lot of patients because if they can move their eyes then they can communicate. The

Eyewriter uses your eyes to write, so what happens is the machine projects a light on

a surface and then the person uses a laser pointer to draw or write what they want to.

This can help a lot because then the person with ALS can communicate when needed to.

Another problem is how you cannot speak. I know this sounds like the same thing I said

before but this is different. An example is about a person named Don who was a

father,husband, and an AlS patient. This father had children but the only problem was

that he could not talk or play with them because of ALS. The solution for this was for

Not Impossible Labs. The device was a computer desktop that had a camera which

detected your eyes and would follow it. In the corners of the screen there would be

letters and when you looked at it the computer would type it. These are the problems

people can have when they have a disability.

These are examples of problems and solutions for people who have any type of disability.

Causes and Effects of Mental and Physical

Do you know any causes or effects for any disability? Well in this article I am going to talk about some causes and effects for both physical and mental disabilities.

A few causes and effects of mental disabilities are : Genetics,infections, brain

defects, and injuries, etc. One example is an infection that causes brain damage. This

condition is known as PANDA or pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder is

associated with the Streptococcus bacteria. The effect of this mental disability is

OCD or over-compulsive disorder and brain damage. This is only one cause out of all

the other causes to mental disability development.

Some causes and effects of physical disabilities are : Arthritis, Cancer, Heart

disease, etc. Arthritis doesn't allow some people to do their work because of the

damage to the bone because of injuries or disease. Another cause is Cancer because

when people do treatment it sometimes doesn't allow people to do the things they were

able to do before. These are just some examples of physical disability causes and


These are the causes and effects of any type of disability. For either mental of

physical disability.