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Now we have an easier way of administering the TUCE tests in order to gather information for assessing our Student Learning Outcomes. No need to administer it in class and no need to embed it in your courses online unless you wish to do so. Below are the links to the tests that we will be administering this semester. I am asking each and everyone of you to test out the link by going through everything a student would have to do. Make sure to use your real name. But for some of the fields you can obviously just fill in dummy data (i.e. for CRN numbers). I have created Tiny URLs so that you can easily distribute to your face-to-face students. But I am also providing you with the longer URLs as well. What's the difference? The tiny URL will give the user a preview so that they know where the browser will be directing them to go. The longer URL will bring them straight to the test. The advantage of the tiny url is that it is easier to write on the board and students are less likely to copy it down incorrectly. For your online courses you can simply embed the link directly into your courses.

Here are guidelines for administering the test.

  1. Administer it no earlier than two weeks before the semester ends. That will vary depending on the term you are teaching (i.e. 16-week versus 12-week, etc.)
  2. Advise the students that the exam is timed. The macro test has 9 questions and the students have 18 minutes to complete it. (2 minutes per question). The micro test has 10 questions and the students have 20 minutes to complete it.
  3. Students must supply your last name as the test will query them for this information.
  4. Make sure the students also know the CRN number for the course. This is something students frequently don't remember. They have to be reminded.
  5. Students can only take this test once. If they attempt to take it a second time only the first results will be recorded.
  6. In order to enforce rule #5 you must submit your class roster to me by Wednesday, February 19th before 12:00 p.m. This can be done by visiting PeopleSoft and clicking on the Roster link which will automatically email your roster to your HCC email account.
  7. If you are counting this assessment as a grade or for extra credit students will need to print out a copy of their results page which is in the form of a certificate of achievement and turn it in to you. And example of this is pictured at the bottom of this email. Only their score will be reported. Right and wrong answers will not be revealed for obvious reasons. Students should be told that this is the case.
  8. Questions can be skipped and revisited but all questions must be answered in order for the student to be able to submit the test.

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If you have any questions please let me know.

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Economics Professor

Houston Community College