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by Carson Means

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EA Sports's Madden NFL Mobile

Madden NFL Mobile is a football app game that of course requires Wi-Fi and is played in real time and potentially with anybody in the world. There are three in-game playing modes that are available. The most basic is season mode, where you would play sixteen regular-season full games and advance to the playoffs by winning eight or more games. You will get rewarded for making the playoffs and going deeper into them. Another mode is live events. The point of live events is to get packs from challenges. For example, one might be to make four out of five field goals. Another might be to rush for fifty yards in five attempts. You get a reward for being successful in those. Sets are useful for live events. The most popular mode is head to head. I say that because you can play anyone anywhere that is playing. You choose your opponent. You only play offense in this mode. The defense is played automatically. The key is to look at your opponent’s film and choose better plays for your defense to “counter.” You can also scout your opponent. Whoever has the most points in six turns wins, there is overtime and you can rematch someone. There are level of fans in head to head, so shoot for winning! Other modes such as sets and auctions are a great way to get better players. Live events are good with sets, you have to fill in the whole set whatever it requires. You can put players and collectibles up for auction and bid with coins. Buying it right then will cost more, of course. Coins are hard to get, so sell

Scientists will now conduct more in-depth studies on Killer Whales.

Marine biologists now declared that they will try to figure out a better way to investigate the orca. They say that the marine mammal’s communication system, called dialect, really stumps some scientists because of the sounds they produce underwater.

“Ya, it is really mind-boggling how they communicate in the pods, the term called when they travel in groups. They hunt in the pods too, so it seems like they really depend on one another,” says biologist Mark Banker.

Orcas inhabit all around the world, but mainly in more polar regions. A large population of killer whales reside in the northwest U.S. of the coastal Pacific Ocean. The orca's prey consists of mainly fish and squid, but also can feast on other mammals underwater. They are about two dozen feet in length (6-8 meters) and weigh several tons. The lifespan of a killer whale favors females as their average is 50 years as a male in only 30 years. Females usually give birth to their first calf when they are about 14 years old after being pregnant for 17 months. This repeats every 3 to 10 months. Two other mammals in the marine dolphin family somewhat represent the killer whale, but lack some color features. Killer whales are not endangered.

In all, the killer whales are one of the most fascinating marine mammals and even underwater creatures of all according to Mark Banker.

“Of course, we already know a lot about these orcas, but there is still a mystery to some characteristics and how they develop them.”


If you are a fan of action and/or mystery movies, this is the movie for you. The Maze Runner is a suspenseful movie about hidden secrets that blur everything in the past. One teenager named Thomas is sent to a mysterious land, not knowing what happened to him. The other ‘gladers’ there are totally devoted to their land. There are limits beyond the borders, and the place is dangerous. Only few can pass, but many are tempted. Thomas trusts his instincts and his gut in many situations, with very ample time to decide. Does he pass the wall? What’ll happen to him? The gladers have to stick together and use teamwork in the worst of times to just survive. But will they? Could it turn to eventually be every man for himself? He meets someone who he recognizes. Everyone could just turn their back on each other and go their own path to survive, but that wouldn't be enough for every predicament in store for what is to come. The real evil is something so unexpected, though. Will they get captured by WCKD? This movie is great because of the suspense and the addicting plot. There are sequel movies for Maze Runner, too. I recommend it to anybody who likes these movies.

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Nursery Rhyme

Breaking News: Solomon Grundy is confirmed dead at the place of Watermark Lake.

Sources say he picked up the Polio virus without a vaccine when younger. His mother, named Julie, emotionally speaks about her son’s passing.

“It's just heartbreaking when you have a child and it just feels like he was born about five days ago, and got through all the other stages of his life in the same week. Life just goes way too fast.”

Her husband refused to share his feelings, though, on camera, due to emotional pain. Reportedly, Solomon was unaware of having this virus, (of course having symptoms) but was too stubborn to get it checked out. Burial for Grundy will be tomorrow, Sunday, September 5, 1986.

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